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Discordian Initiation Into 8 Circuit Awareness, An Ostrich Cult

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--- Quote from: ArchangelIdiotis on April 02, 2022, 06:49:52 am ---I founded an ostrich cult as a branch of Discordianism. I call it the Individuate Church.

Individuates study psychology, psychiatry, consciousness expansion, Carl Jung, and Leary's 8 Circuit Model. The front page of the cult includes a bible inspired by the principia discordia, and a complete system of initiation into 8 Circuit awareness. Presented are initiation ceremonies into each circuit up to the 7th circuit, advice on designing a ceremony for the 8th circuit.

The website also includes my original fiction and poetry, music and sketches, anarchist free form role playing material, and occult essays.

--- End quote ---

Regarding the 8-circuit model,
in your opinion/experience,
Do people actually exist at different levels? Once you've had an experience on a certain circuit, is it like a Samadhi experience - you got a glimpse of 'how it really works' and can't go back inside plato's cave? Or is it more dynamic? As in - Today I am driven by Circuit 2, but other days I manage to fire on Circuit 3?

I'm interested in this via my work in Gurdjieff groups. The 8-circuit model was partially derived from Gurdjieff's notation of levels of being - "Man-1" through "Man-7". But in Gurdjieff groups, you never explicitly discuss what "level" someone "is". It's probably not actually quantifiable like that.

I think Buddhist meditation groups have a similar thing going on too -- in some traditions, there is a hierarchy of meditative experiences, but it's tabboo to speak too explicitly about your own "accomplishments". And partially because, I think, these initiatory experiences aren't permanent. Maybe our range of consciousness is expanded, but that doesn't mean we always have access to that. I may fire on all cylinders during meditation, but then I get a little hungry or horny and I'm an idiot all over again.

I think it is possible to exist all the time on higher circuits. However, I don't know if that would necessarily be a good thing...

Warning: the following may be a somewhat lengthy explanation to try and cover everything. Don't let me waste your time.

I see the 8 circuits as evolution toward more love. The advance-retreat of the first circuit may be pride before love, or a more primitive desire/fear mechanism. I see it as the complex induced by pride before love because it is described as advancing on occasion with anger, which inflates pride.

I map the second circuit as egotism induced by familial love. A hierarchy develops in part because of subtle love-pride complex interaction. Submissives and Dominants evolve upon a small scale social hierarchy. The mammalian circuit: I picture packs and herds of animals.

The third circuit of map making and logic may have evolved because love (which I consider a simple when isolated from pride, still, without impulse) allows the pride/humility bound mind to move around a little bit. This motion apart from instinctive conditioning is reason.

The socio-sexual moral 4th circuit may be explained by yet more love inducing social instinct, the evolutionary source of moral values and social identity. The heart identifies with a far larger population than with mammalian packs.

The fifth circuit, associated with weed, by this model, is explained as pot inducing yet more love, as one source of marijuana intoxication. It becomes possible to reason in a "far out" manner, exploring yet further than with the lower four circuits.

The sixth circuit, associated with psychedelic trips, allows self-programming because one's pride is now surrounded by so much love it can be impacted by the mind indwelt within the heart. But hallucinations usually begin at this stage, so how to survive in the 6th circuit without going schizophrenic...

I guess the seventh circuit to be love inducing exploration of one's local nervous system and the timeline of one's local experience (DNA/reincarnation). Again, yet more love allows for yet further exploration.

The eighth circuit, non local awareness, could be explained as so much love you start to explore nonlocality, the universe. If love can align with causality, a significant amount of love may grab onto a large enough chunk of causality to permit prophecy.

The hallucinations corresponding with the higher circuits is the problem to be transcended. Enough drug research has evolved that it may otherwise be possible to stay 6-8th circuit most if not all of the time.

I consider pride the root of the impulsiveness of most hallucinations (and the instincts of its negative states, like fear/humility), and love the root of the creativity component to the vision. Impulsive creativity = hallucination. This may be in keeping with schizophrenia research. Most antipsychotics target dopamine and/or serotonin. Dopamine increase is induced by the drugs I associate with pride, serotonin increase by the drugs associated with spiritual visions.

I would rather lose pride than love. It is at least possible that if a way were discovered to hold pride down to a very small state (an astral telepath could hold down a psychedelic using volunteer's pride to a positively self-identified smallness), too little impulsiveness would manifest for a hallucination to result.

Until a cure for hallucinations and delusions evolves, it may be better to just learn how to reproduce the abilities of the higher circuits after coming "down to earth".

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It has been shown definitively that psychedelic usage is very common among the highest tiers of neo-Nazi looniness. Associating psychedelic use with love is provably false, whatever the hippies say.


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