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anarchist free form role play

Started by ArchangelIdiotis, April 02, 2022, 06:58:41 AM

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My first introduction to role playing was when I was around 11 or 12. There was a free form chat room and message board called the Green Dragon Inn, filled with people using D&D and World of Darkness material as background. It was like interactive writing, and endless hours of fun.

I have revisited free form role playing, role playing without rules, to create anarchist free form role playing. I designed a setting called Chrystal City: a giant turtle supports a floating city of anarchy, the turtle teleports in front of anyone seeking any kind of anarchy from open waters. The setting is supposed to be used to simulate all the "wrong" and "right" kinds of anarchy, and to promote spontaneous experimental writing styles.

I wonder if anyone here would be interested in participating in a Floating Autonomous Zone creative writing project.


this sounds like an interesting space to play in - do you have anything more written up?


Yes, I have setting material for Chrystal City and alternative role playing locations. I have myths of the city. Character classes. Forums.

I wrote a 208 page text of Chrystal City, Eschillion Key, although probably too long for a casual role player and still needs a tiny bit of editing. Editing I plan on getting done tomorrow.

Eschillion is an anarchist utopia, and Chrystal City is the key to unlocking Eschillion because Chrystal City makes it possible to expose the failed experiments on the way to the success story. So far, I consider consciousness expansion into a more selfless state the best method for achieving a successful anarchist utopia.

The Individuate character class makes it possible to role play initiation into Jungian shamanism and 8 circuit awareness. I have yet to translate the comedy of Discordianism over to the role play edition of the Individuates (Individuates are a branch of Discordianism).

To get to the game material, go to, scroll over the Click For Site Menu button, click on Anarchist Free Form Role Playing.


sweet, thanks! might take me a few days to find the headspace to read up on the background material - but i created an account on the forum, and looking forward to seeing where it takes us :)


while i have next to no interest in exploring anarchist belief systems online or otherwise, i was willing to participate initially in what seemed like an elaborate troll only because:

chefs kiss to whomever reconstructed this late 90s era webündesgin
oh nostalgia endorphine bliss

but the background reading was making my brain feel uncomfortable.. twisting it into weird little self-reinforcing loops.. so yeah, that identifies it to me as something i should avoid for the purposes of maintaining my own mental health utopia :oops:


My apologies for coming off like a troll and for making your
Quotebrain feel uncomfortable.. twisting it into weird little self-reinforcing loops

I don't quite understand what you mean. How can I edit these "self-reinforcing loops" out of my writings? Should I, or do you think you just had an allergic reaction?


Quote from: ArchangelIdiotis on April 04, 2022, 11:58:20 PM
I don't quite understand what you mean ... you think you just had an allergic reaction?


just an update in case anyone is actually following this thread...

I edited Eschillion Key in the manner I intended. There were some changes I knew needed to be made. The only problem is, since I had a .pdf and a disk with the text file (microsoft word), I used an office computer to transfer the files over to my laptop by loading the Microsoft Word version onto my google drive. And the google docs butchered the formatting of Microsoft Word a bit.

So I just need to make some small changes at the library or something, somewhere I can edit the Microsoft Word file and transfer over to a new .pdf. My laptop is a chrome notebook and doesn't have a cd drive or Microsoft Office.

The rest of the background material is up and running, albeit one bad review and no good reviews... And Eschillion Key's butchered formatting version is also available.

Eschillion Key is my Ulysses.


Just a final update: Eschillion Key is finished.