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Doktor Howl:
Man, there's nothin' to do in this stupid town
rope swing's busted, stinking cops always kicking
me out of the park manager of the 7-11 always says
"get off my curb you good for nothing"
all the girls already know I'm a bad kisser so
they don't come anywhere near me I don't know how
many times I've been to TGIF a kid can eat an
onion bloom only so many times bowling's boring,
the skating rink's been taken over by 12 year olds
there ain't no good movies out, blockbuster never
has any good games in I don't want to play Bombad
Racing, I mean what the heck is that? I'm sick of
all my records and every time I walk into a record
store, I forget what I want to get and their ain't
nothing on TV, not a stupid thing! There ain't
nothing to do 'cept take naps and wait patiently
for death!

"I came here to take naps and wait patiently for death.  And I don't take naps"


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