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Official shit on rong thread

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Hey you spags, if you want to shit on me, do it here and quit derailing other people's threads. 


--- Quote from: rong on April 07, 2022, 12:55:06 pm ---please choose the response that best conforms to your biases:

1) we all know it's impossible for people to change

2) sorry about that, if you could please provide a list of approved methods of aggression, I'll try to stick to those

3) no, you're the passive aggressive ass, i just try to make jokes but suffer from bad taste

4) this page is important. the opinions of those who post here are important.  only correct opinions will be tolerated.

5) PD doesn't care about your feelings, unless they get hurt by a passive aggressive ass, what a jerk!

--- End quote ---

IN ORDER, these mean, when you place them into fucking context:
1: There's nothing wrong with making jokes about gay people while the US and UK are gearing up for genocide. Get over it, I'm just being lighthearted while you watch the Machine get ready to bury you in your thousands.
2: I'm just expressing my aggression towards gay people. I am a homophobe. Why can't I be a homophobe?
3: See 1. Also, the gays are oppressing my freeze-peach.
4: Political correctness run amok.
5: See 2 and 4.

rong. With this, you've dug yourself a hole that Elon Musk would say is a bit too deep. It's a shame you aren't as identifiable as Fujikoma or LuciferX, because I would love to just crush your online presence from all conceivable angles. I would make you feel dread to comment on a Youtube video. I have the time, I have the means, I have the energy. Alas, you've covered your online ass -- almost like you know the shit you get up to and what will happen to you for it.

Regardless: you have shat on the dinner table in my presence for the last time, as far as I'm concerned. Now we get to where we run you out of town on a fucking rail. And yeah, you'll leave, or you'll wish you had decided to. Your investment may be zero, but I will ensure every return is disproportionately negative. And if you ever think to yourself that it's not funny, let me assure you that I am, as ever, the great laughing worm in the sky, crowned in fire.

See, funny isn't for you.

Funny is for me.

Flounce now. It's for your own good.

There, see?  Don't you feel better now?  And you didn't have to shit up somebody else's thread to do it.

You didn't flounce. Well, that's a foolish move on your part. Don't worry, you'll regret it soon.

How soon?  I like to save my regretting for the weekends.


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