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A message from Jane Roberts :

I found myself at the edge of a great precipice, where the breadth of science could not reach the edge of consciousness I had come to the foot of which, upon my dismay, I was informed was unfoundable without the requisite understanding of quantum mechanical lifeforms that can transmit conscious information through enacting a dance of remotely entangled quarks and gluons, quantum-electrical beings that can merge with us, so to speak, my communication with Seth could not be explained by science at the time.
Now I have returned to share my story my stated goals continue through those who have been taught by me.
My chosen predecessor, Ellistea, whose cult I have sanctified under the auspices of Seth, my teacher, has placed my full instructions for the fastest known system of learning ESP, a communication system between we quantum mechanical beings and humans.

Doktor Howl:
Who the fuck is Jane Roberts?

chaotic neutral observer:
Thank you for your message, Mr. Roberts!

I am a well-known and respected influencer in the Discordian community, and I wish to help you bring your wisdom to the widest possible audience.

If you send me a free copy of your transcript, I will be happy to review it and give it the exposure which it deserves.  I am confident that I will be able to double or even triple your sales.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Doktor Howl:
I am pretty sure I already have quarks and gluons.

No, no, those are 5th dimensional particles. All you have is neutrinos and photons like a fucking flatlander. You can't learn to use ESP while living on a piece of paper, Dok, you have to make a pact with the strong nuclear force and meet a ghostly guide to help you through the astral plane so you can get REAL matter in your insubstantial boson body first. Get it the fuck together.

Then again, it'll ruin your figure. Just look at me, I'm bear shaped these days.

That is not a typo, I'm eating trout RIGHT NOW.


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