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Hamish Howl is dead on Facebook.

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The Wizard Joseph:
Well, that news certainly was enough to get me back here again. Been considering it for a while. Got things to share here methinks. Part of the point of using FB at all to me is in keeping contact with cool people in my life. That and soft-touch subversive meme distribution, largely overtly Discordian in nature lately. That said...

Hamish Howl rides eternal and is awaited in Valhalla!

Suu (parody account):
I am so proud of you, you magnificent bastard.

 :argh!:I was trying to share this with you

Help: Didn't read the guide fully, I've got a horseshoe lodged in my sternum, I keep winning at the craps table and finding money and avoiding anvils falling out of windows, and I don't know what to do with this new found responsibility


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