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Not even post-40 in some women.

This is codifying what happened to Caster Semenya and saying that it was good, actually.

All bigotry is intertwined. The final position of any bigotry recreates all other bigotries.


--- Quote ---However Coe also stressed that he would set up a working group that would consult with transgender athletes and review any fresh research that emerged.
--- End quote ---

Bullshit. What "fresh" evidence? The Olympics has allowed trans athletes for over 20 years at this point, and they based their decision on some extremely in-depth studies. How many trans athletes have gone on to win medals, again? You'd think Laurel Hubbard won golds across the board, given the coverage.

It just gets worse, folks. Are you in Florida? You had better hope you don't get any reproductive cancers or breast cancer. If you need hormone treatment for menopause, forget it. This one has no bottom.

By the way, studies currently are very suggestive that COVID exposure increases susceptibility to cancer a non-trivial amount. Nothing conclusive in the absolute (yet), but the data is trending towards potentially accelerating the course of cancer, reactivating latent/dormant cancer cells, and more besides.

So if you've had COVID, and those studies bear out, and you're in Florida, you'd better hope it's nothing in your bits that gets it. You will die. If you don't die, your doctor is fucked.


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