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This site is useful for watching the scale of this stuff over in the US.

If I remember correctly the phrase that Biden likes to use is that he has trans people's backs.

Would be nice to see that translate into some kind of meaningful pushback against this.

Right now the only news I hear out of the US is Republicans trying to take horrific measures against trans folks, Democrats saying that it isn't very nice of them to do that, and trans people desperate for help being told that the only solution is to vote Democrat. Which doesn't honestly seem to be helping that much.

But any real political fightback against Republicans on this would (as I understand it) require them to fight state legislators and ultimately the Supreme Court, and they couldn't even do that for abortion. I'm not going to hold my breath.

There is meaningful pushback, actually. From, like, two ladies.

Yeah, that's it. Two cis gals in Nebraska that you've never heard of are holding back the fucking Adversary /by themselves./ Unsupported.

No one else cares to do anything but shrug and say empty words of encouragement. "Cheer up, so I don't have to see you being unhappy"-ass bullshit.

Those were wonderful to read.

It isn't enough but holy shit it was nice to read about someone doing something.


--- Quote from: altered on March 08, 2023, 05:47:22 pm ---Hey, remember when a disabled autistic it/its furry transfem leaked the TSA no-fly list? Look what it found now!

Now will the NYT report on this? No. Of course not. Nor will any of the TERFy rags of the UK. This will have no broader repercussions at all. This will hurt no careers, it will do no damage, it will be buried with all the pomp and circumstance of a mouse turd in a cereal box.

But it's there.

--- End quote ---

There's more.

Anna Mae Bollocks:
They're saying the Nashville shooter was trans because she put "he/him" on a social media account. She was assigned female at birth and she went by Audrey.
I'm obviously NOT the arbiter of who qualifies as trans, so if I'm overstepping you're all welcome to tell me to STFU.
But didn't they pull this same shit after Uvalde?


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