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I can't be bothered to find the youtube thread

Started by Trivial, December 06, 2022, 10:35:56 PM

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Sexy Octopus of the Next Noosphere Horde

There are more nipples in the world than people.

Chelagoras The Boulder

"It isn't who you know, it's who you know, if you know what I mean.  And I think you do."


Formerly something else...


Angelica owns, one of the last people to get experimental in asmr, and very funny as well
Sleepless nights at the chateau


I think in her case asmr stands for Auditorily Subdued Murderous Rage.
Formerly something else...

Brother Mythos

I searched for a dedicated YouTube thread, before finally giving up.

Anyway, this North Korean Edition video never fails to cheer me up.

Brother Mythos

No One Is Safe from Extended Warranty Calls

Absolutely no one. Not even this guy.

WARNING - Some may find this video's subtitles to be offensive. - WARNING

Here's the link:   Bunker - Extended Warranty Call

Brother Mythos

"The Producers (1968) - "Springtime for Hitler""

Finding the above "Extended Warranty Calls" video reminded me of another one of my favorites. The sheer outrageousness of this musical number from the movie is indescribably over-the-top. And, I still find it hard to believe that a distributor was willing to put this flick on the big screen, even after someone else actually agreed to finance its production. This scene never fails to crack me up.

Here's the link:   Springtime for Hitler

Brother Mythos

"AI Explains Why Humans Have Nothing To Worry About As Their Extermination Will Be Swift And Painless"

Here's the video:   AI Explains ...

I feel much better now.

Brother Mythos

I accidentally found the ultimate bro country song.

Oh, and the music video has the lyrics, so you can sing along! Enjoy!

Here's the music video:   The Ultimate Bro Country Song