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TERFs Shit Themselves Inside Out Thread: Nazi Death Eaters 2023

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It just gets better and better.

A grand total of 11 Labour MPs voted not to fuck the Union over this. Starmer is bleating about biological sex on the radio.

Literally every trans person I know is now some variant of despondant or furious.

There is a lot of chatter from folks convinced this means Scotland will walk away easily.

I'm mostly sitting here wondering how long it takes before we get the SRA and how many hate crimes I'm going to suffer because this is, naturally, all the fault of trans people.

Nibor the Priest:

--- Quote from: Scribbly on January 17, 2023, 11:37:53 pm ---It just gets better and better.

A grand total of 11 Labour MPs voted not to fuck the Union over this.
--- End quote ---

Three members of the Scottish National Party, whose flagship policy (which I support) is to fuck the union—and one from Alba, an anti-"woke" pro-union-fucking party that splintered from the SNP along with its creepy former leader (both of their two MPs were elected as SNP candidates and later defected)—abstained. Turns out when it came to choosing between defending a direct attack on Scottish autonomy and fucking over trans people, they reached straight for the union jack bunting.

--- Quote ---There is a lot of chatter from folks convinced this means Scotland will walk away easily.
--- End quote ---

As a chattering Scottish independence supporting person, sadly, I don't think that silver lining is there (and wouldn't justify legitimising transphobia if it was.) All of the trans people I know in Scotland, and most of the cis queer people, are already vocally pro-independence; maybe if there were any trans unionists, they'll switch sides, but I doubt there are enough to make a dent. The next independence campaign will be able to point to this as a good example of Westminster undermining our autonomy when we do something they don't like, but people who care about that are already on side. And the next anti-independence campaign will have a nice supply of moral panic to dish out with the "better together" crap.

And that's if we get another shot at independence at all, which both the Tories and Starmer's Labour have made clear they've no intention of "letting" us have, despite the Scottish parliament having a pro-independence majority (SNP and the Scottish Greens) and several recent polls showing majority public support for independence. And Brexit has made a prospective independent Scotland even more prospectively fucked from the get-go (which the same politicians who claimed and still claim Brexit is the best thing since World War II will use as an anti-indy talking point.)

I'm sorry this is happening, and I'm sorry trans right are being used as collateral. Hope you're as safe as possible.

Thanks. I'm fine for now, luckily.

I've spent a lot of time the past few days trying to help talk people down from dark places though. Or being talked down myself.

It's difficult to describe the emotional toll this stuff takes. I try not to let it get to me, but it does. It's just a constant weight.

And it's insulting that this is the quality of enemy I have to worry about. They're not even competent. They just have vast amounts of wealth and the support of a bigoted media.

I have entire weeks where I refuse to look at any current events just because I feel the manic urge to burn every building in a quarter mile radius to the ground after so much time staring into the abyss.

And I'm in Chicago. I'm safe for AT LEAST 4 months, in the absolute worst possible scenario. There are people I know who are (who HAVE to be) doing combat training with their friends right now because carloads of armed fash show up at least once a week and have done so for months, and they're still in the US, not the UK.

So ... I get it.


--- Quote ---Justice Secretary Dominic Raab has stated that the UK government will no longer house trans women who “have male genitalia” or who have been convicted of a sexual offence in women’s prisons.
--- End quote ---

This one falls down in theory on several levels. The whole point of a Gender Recognition Certificate, for instance, is to change your sex in the eyes of the law. In theory that should mean that any genitalia you have are qualified as women's genitalia.

In practice between this and the new laws they have brought in to lock up protestors it is very obvious that the real story here is that the UK government are using institutionalised rape as a punishment against the trans community and the TERF capture of UK institutions advances one more step.


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