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TERFs Shit Themselves Inside Out Thread: Nazi Death Eaters 2023

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It has been a busy few months in TERFland so let's catch up with all our favourite bigoted pieces of shit.

Posie Parker Accidentally Gets Nazi Salutes Banned

This gave me a good chuckle. Noted fascist dipshit Posie Parker began the Australian leg of her hate rallies this year and has disgusted people so hard that politicians are now realising they need to ban nazi salutes in public. Because TERFs and literal Nazis are so tightly entwined together at this point that they can't easily be separated.

Tory Councillor Fails to Obtain Lucrative Media Career

Sophia McAllister - better known on the internet as Sophie From Mars, whose media analysis series on YouTube is really fun and who has done a bunch of other great stuff - went to the pub. Because TERFs are just so incredibly normal some innocuous small talk ('I will wipe my hands on my jeans') became the Freudian nightmare 'I will wipe my hands on my penis'. The Daily Mail decided to publish this account even though it was clearly ridiculous because they are bigoted freaks. In a rare W for Plague Island, this mostly resulted in mockery from literally every other person who heard about it but it's still been quite harrowing for Sophia by the sounds of it.

JK Rowling Says Trans People are Death Eaters

This one is just fucking hilarious and I feel speaks for itself.

--- Quote from: Queen TERF ---
    I would say that some of you have not understood the books. The Death Eaters claimed, ‘We have been made to live in secret, and now is our time, and any who stand in our way must be destroyed. If you disagree with us, you must die.’ They demonized and dehumanized those who were not like them.

    I am fighting what I see as a powerful, insidious, misogynistic movement, that has gained huge purchase in very influential areas of society.

--- End quote ---

TERFism. Not even once. It'll rot your brain so hard you retroactively justify the villains of your work as being persecuted minorities.

Oh god the Sophie situation was ridiculous. I watched the entire thing unfold in real time online and was like "this is clearly bullshit, even by the low standards of TERF bullshit". And lo and behold...

This isn't really reaching the levels of humour I try for in this thread but I didn't want to make another and I didn't want to shit up any other thread on the board with it so here we go.

The EHRC have basically recommended that sex should be redefined in law to 'biological sex' regardless of whether you have got your tranny license from the government, which would render the entire thing pointless and legalise transphobia.

It is bitterly ironic to me that amongst the many arguments made to support this decision is the idea that trans people might be abusing their status to misuse gender pay gap tools.

Reminder that 1 in 3 employers in a big survey admitted that they would not hire a trans person despite this being an illegal thing to base a hiring decision on.

Anecdotally I am the only trans person I know with a relatively stable job, outside of the like... 7 other people who are in the trans network at the place I work, which employs around 60,000 people.

A lot of people I know are panicking about this. I admit I'm mostly just exhausted by it. I may *have* to enter the system to be able to afford my medication soon and if I'm even able to do that the fact it is a road which ultimately ends up with my name and address on the big government list of trans people whilst they're pulling shit like this does not make me feel great.

There's people making a stink about Budweiser having Dylan Mulvaney in their ad. The idiots don't fucking realize that they're just playing into Budweiser's hands and giving them the free publicity they knew they'd get from the "discourse."

Kathleen Stock Supporters Send Death Threat to Professor, Kathleen Says This is Dangerous to Her Somehow.

I don't keep up with all the nonsense these days, but this amused me.

Short version is that Stock - who hasn't been 'silenced' and is still being platformed at a debate - has received criticism from the local LGBT orgs as she always does, and her supporters have decided to start sending death threats.

Her response?

--- Quote from: Kathleen "A Serious Public Intellectual" Stock ---This is an opportunity for you to calm things down, ceasing the inflammatory invective against me that is based on a total fantasy version of who I am, what I believe, and what I have said, and enabling a respectful, responsible discussion to take place. I hope you take it.”
--- End quote ---

Definitely the response of someone who deserves to be taken seriously.


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