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TERFs Shit Themselves Inside Out Thread: Nazi Death Eaters 2023

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Doktor Howl:

--- Quote from: Scribbly on May 23, 2023, 04:10:13 pm ---Kathleen Stock Supporters Send Death Threat to Professor, Kathleen Says This is Dangerous to Her Somehow.

I don't keep up with all the nonsense these days, but this amused me.

Short version is that Stock - who hasn't been 'silenced' and is still being platformed at a debate - has received criticism from the local LGBT orgs as she always does, and her supporters have decided to start sending death threats.

Her response?

--- Quote from: Kathleen "A Serious Public Intellectual" Stock ---This is an opportunity for you to calm things down, ceasing the inflammatory invective against me that is based on a total fantasy version of who I am, what I believe, and what I have said, and enabling a respectful, responsible discussion to take place. I hope you take it.”
--- End quote ---

Definitely the response of someone who deserves to be taken seriously.

--- End quote ---

"Just because I want you all to be treated as subhumans is no reason to be intolerant of me."

Apparently I'm obligated to find this surprising.

Commission set up by transphobic government finds that transphobic charity isn't transphobic.

More as it develops.

There's been a lot of stuff but I feel like the Tory Party Conference deserves a shout-out.

We've had:

The Prime Minister says misgendering trans people is common sense.

Trans women don't deserve hospitals.

And six ministers promising to be more transphobic.

The big one in those last 6 - IMO - is that they are going to try and prevent sex offenders from legally changing their name or gender. It's worth noting that all sex workers convicted of sex work are also 'sex offenders' and that survival sex work is extremely common in the trans community.

It is reaching the point now where most people are quite aware that the issue is being used purely to distract from the fact that huge numbers of people can't afford rent or food and there are absolutely zero proposals from any real party to change that.

But they'll keep doing it. Because addressing systemic problems is beyond us, but innovating new ways to make the lives of minorities miserable? We've been world leading in that for centuries.

Love to live on Plague Island.


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