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I watch a lot of leftist YouTube content. It's a character flaw.

I've noticed repeated mentions of Discordianism lately, all of them wrong.

One video where the Illuminatus! trilogy is suggested as a text for learning about Satanism(?)

Another where A Sermon on Ethics and Love is cited and then Discordianism is said to be "A parody religion some people draw meaning from which teaches us to enjoy Chaos and dismiss Order"

This feels like the Principia recently did the rounds in those circles and they didn't actually ... get it? And I realise that I'm probably one of <500 people worldwide who gives a flying fuck about this but the way I see it either someone sets the record straight in another video or that's going to be where a lot of people think the story ends.

I did YouTube videos once. I swore I'd stop because it's a horrible timesink. But I'm very tempted to try again. Is this a terrible idea? If I do it anyway is there anyone here who would want to help review scripts etc?

Obviously all you can ever really give is *your interpretation* on what Discordianism is, but it bugs the shit out of me that some people are going around saying we're satanists or inherently anti-order and getting no challenge.

Okay so apparently I'm in a writing mood.

I couldn't NOT write a first draft of this.

I very much welcome any comments. Goddess knows I've been out of the loop long enough I'm actually not sure how comfortable I am speaking for the community even though I'm flagging at every step that I am not an authority and there is a diversity of opinion.

Over 4000 words in like 3 hours. The fuck is wrong is wrong with me?

I personally think the people who learn about Discordianism from Youtube or Wikipedia aren't going to be Discordians anyway. I don't see any good in a good, informative Youtube video about it.

I do my evangelism by sharing snippets of Holy Nonsense, or talking about reality grids. I aim at psychologists and social workers. Activists. Writers. People who are readily interested in the concepts, and who have the mindset to coax what's good out of the shitheap, to dig two layers deeper and then try to generalize what they've learned. I pick and choose because some people won't understand, some people won't care, and some people will take the wrong message away.

Meanwhile, having the most readily pop-cultural stuff be wildly off-base weeds out troublemakers and assholes. They come in thinking Discordianism is a new tool to be a dick with, they try it, and it means I don't need to waste time wondering if they're worth my time. They got what they wanted and they stopped digging.

There's a whole trend of far-right Discordianism associated with Trump and QAnon shit. They're working off of the pop-culture stuff. I know where I stand with them almost immediately. If they were working with the more interesting elements, I'd have to at least see if they could learn anything at all, because I'd have a lever to play with to possibly skew their worldview towards mine.

So... I think this is actually a bad idea.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised to learn of the Trump/QAnon crossover, but I am.

I admit that kind of makes me want to do it more. I don't like the idea of giving them space. They can get their fucking hands off my Goddess or lose them as far as I'm concerned.

But at the very least I can get rid of the elements in this which give away that most people are tired of the old jokes. Maybe they really are still just the funniest shit ever.

Thanks for pointing me towards the far right element. I'll do some more research on that too.

I haven't been able to find any alt right Discordian links - any chance someone could point me in the right direction?


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