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Collaboration Will Fucking Kill You

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Not in the same mode as TADT, but deserves a post.


There is no future where the Good Queers survive and the rest of us freaks are wiped out. None. You will dig the grave of the one you shot dead with your own hand, and then the man who gave you the gun will put two in your head, too. You think collaboration will give you life?

Collaboration will give you DEATH. It will give you all the death in the world. It will pile the bodies high around you, and they will ALL have your face. It will kill the little things inside of you until there's just a puddle of reeking filth curdling atop your diaphragm.

It will kill your friends, it will kill your family, it will kill your love, your will to live, and your moral compass. Long after there is nothing left but a harrowed robot swinging the axe it will finally give you release: a knife to the heart that stopped beating so long ago.

And then it will kill your reputation, your history, your name. It will kill your face and replace it with a clown mask of its own devising.

But go on. Sell us the fuck out, you fake punk motherfuckers.

This one got unexpectedly popular on Twitter. I've never had my writing hit more than about a dozen eyes before, we're in the hundreds now. I keep my circles close, so it's surprising it broke out of containment.

I'm not surprised, it's damn good stuff.

Some coward on Twitter tried to use Dahmer as a counterargument to the good queer/bad queer divide being bullshit. I wrote this.


The problem with calling people like Dahmer "bad queers" is that it isn't their queerness that is bad. They aren't bad because they're queer, they're bad because they're predators. You can want to deal with awful people appropriately without treating their queerness as the issue. This is literally the same argument made anytime someone says "don't put trans women in men's prisons", and I don't see why it's so hard to extend the concept to every oppressed classification.

If someone is a shit person, then they're a shit person. Pay attention to what they've done, not who they are. Don't bring their identity into things, that just gives the societal majority ammunition they both HAVE and WILL use against all the fucking rest of us. Furthermore, I think that shit should be handled in community when possible, just because if it breaks containment it WILL be used against us. It already is, all the time.

And yes, by the way, it SHOULD in fact be obvious I don't support pedos, zoophiles, rapists or fucking serial killers, regardless of their identity. That shouldn't need to be said, but here we are!

Q. G. Pennyworth:


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