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Doktor Howl:

--- Quote from: Tinfoilment on March 03, 2023, 12:09:24 pm ---Also, people with attitudes are one of the reasons to favor a hermit path.  I will use this emoticon to describe myself  :kingmeh:

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Nobody cares.   :lulz:

Doktor Howl:

--- Quote from: altered on January 26, 2023, 07:08:30 pm ---Not to mention infrastructure.

Any city older than a century has infrastructural chaos on a scale you couldn't imagine if you were shown it. Everything looks nice and neat shown in isolation, but you add a single other datapoint and it's over for your conceived notions of shit making sense.

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This is why we call Altered "The Chairman of the Board."

I ate the Board and replaced them with cardboard cutouts of 1980s horror movie villains. Daryl Revok always has the best ideas but never fucking talks. Why can't you just talk, Revok!? Tell me your evil plans you motherfucker, I need them!

Permutation Circle

requires four language books
This ritual is a response to Golden Dawn's Lesser Banishing Rituals.  Except it is based on falseness and Principia's random language quotes.  I am not convinced that lbrp banishes, but rather invites weird spirits.  The permutation circle invites weirder spirits.

The contents of the ritual change on the 14th day of the season.   Or lazily betwixt 10th and 20th.   

To formulate ritual contents, first choose an item from a game having two words.  "Lamp of Darkness" for example.  Then select by dodecahedron four language books.  For this example I selected Telugu, Farsi, and Balinesian twice.

Next, take the first and last letters of each word, thus LPDS.  Roll to assign each letter to a language book.  Then search that language book in for a word of the selected letter.  Search for a word on the theme of the item, or a neutral word connecting to Erisian lore.  For this example I chose "lampu" (lamp bali), "pratiyuuSa" (daybreak telugu), "durughi" (false farsi), sandikala (dusk bali).  These are the entire contents.

The ritual of the Permutation Circle is as follows:  Sit and face towards an idol of focusing.  Say quickly "Lamp of Darkness".  Incant slowly "lampu, pratiyuuSa, lampu, durughi, lampu, sandikala".  Face towards the left, slowly incant: "pratiyuuSa , lampu, pratiyuuSa, durughi, pratiyuuSa, sandikala".  Use an entire breath for each word.  Face towards the back, slowly incant: "durughi, lampu, durughi, pratiyuuSa, durughi, sandikala".  Face towards the right, slowly incant: "sandikala, lampu, sandikala, pratiyuuSa, sandikala, durughi".  Face forewards again, stare upon focus idol, quickly say "Lamp of Darkness".

This ritual has a temporary, atheist, and ancient feeling.  Because it changes every season, uses obscure languages recklessly, and uses names of game items that would otherwise merely collect dust.


--- Quote from: chaotic neutral observer on March 03, 2023, 02:34:54 pm ---
--- Quote from: Tinfoilment on March 03, 2023, 11:25:48 am ---
--- Quote from: chaotic neutral observer on March 02, 2023, 02:01:24 pm ---
--- Quote from: Tinfoilment on March 02, 2023, 08:56:04 am ---I haven't worked in a factory sector,.

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Whereof you do not know, thereof you should not speak.

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I will address this "im ok, youre not ok" statement

--- Quote ---You think calling yourself a discordian should place you above criticism?  You can spout whatever nonsense you like, and everyone is expected to sit by and nod in silent reverence at your profundity?

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Yes.  I think Discordianism is Theocratic Anarchy.  Spouting nonsense is our entire game.  I am merely dropping some scrolls for the Year 23 holiday season.  How reactionary onlookers choose to be is their own decision.  That you see scrolls as "shithead" activity is projection.  Realize that Discordianism is the era of Bramayuga.  Chaos religion creates religion from nothing, Brahma holds zines and creates religion from nothing.

About profundity.  Would you describe Ars Paulina as a profound religious document?

 "Discordians should not talk about things they dont know much about."   The Principia Discordia is full of nonsense the authors didn't know much about,

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Who cares?  The PD may have been appropriate for the sixties, but that style of "enlightenment" doesn't land well today.

 :kingmeh:   You are rejecting something "old" in its own house, for being too old.  You are also rejecting a new religion mod for being too new.  Also you think the Principia was "enlightened".  The Principia is a chainsaw ripping apart organized religion.  This is an era of Christian Crusade and Islamic Jihad.  In many places blasphemy carries the death penalty, and Discordianism is one of the most blasphemous religions in human history.

Therefore, yes, Discordians are infallable.  Live stoned and die by stones.

--- Quote from: Tinfoilment on March 03, 2023, 12:09:24 pm --- Principia Discordia is easier with this than other religions, because it doesnt have rules.

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Wrong.  Discordianism has rules.  I should know, I'm the Pope.

--- Quote ---Here for example, my forum ability is severely atrophied from what it was years ago on other forums, both in my attitude and in the hardware.

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You're the only person I've ever met who used "atrophied forum ability" as an excuse for being wrong.

--- Quote ---I feel an utter lack of interest in correcting grammar.

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What if your writing is incoherent to the point of being incomprehensible?  Do you even want to improve your "atrophied forum ability", or is it just an excuse?

--- End quote ---

Not really.  I may buy a new computer merely to continue this troll argument properly.  But i genuinely hate the British Empires leftover customs, and also i have a head full of ancient books that always talk in broken fragments.



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