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chaotic neutral observer:

--- Quote from: Tinfoilment on March 04, 2023, 08:47:52 am ---
--- Quote from: chaotic neutral observer on March 03, 2023, 02:34:54 pm ---You think calling yourself a discordian should place you above criticism?  You can spout whatever nonsense you like, and everyone is expected to sit by and nod in silent reverence at your profundity?

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--- End quote ---
Wow, you really have no idea what discordianism is, do you?  Discordianism is about criticizing everything, especially itself.  If you cannot step back and see your own dogmas for what they are, then you are as much a cabbage as anyone.

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--- Quote ---Who cares?  The PD may have been appropriate for the sixties, but that style of "enlightenment" doesn't land well today.

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:kingmeh:   You are rejecting something "old" in its own house, for being too old.  You are also rejecting a new religion mod for being too new.

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I'm not rejecting PD for being old, I'm rejecting your brain-dead idea that because some book has nonsense in it, that this somehow makes your nonsense worthwhile.

--- Quote ---Therefore, yes, Discordians are infallable.

--- End quote ---
You are obviously fallible (see extensive evidence, above); therefore, you are not discordian.

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--- Quote ---What if your writing is incoherent to the point of being incomprehensible?  Do you even want to improve your "atrophied forum ability", or is it just an excuse?

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Not really.  I may buy a new computer merely to continue this troll argument properly.

--- End quote ---
Your computer isn't the problem, it's your brain.

Oh no, it's one of those people who read "All things are true, even false things" and walked away thinking that every perspective is equally valid.

The fifth hour of the twenty-third day of the fifth month of the twenty-third year.


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