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I think we all dream of dancing in the ashes of the old regime. Will we kill the old order, or will we die with it?

Q. G. Pennyworth:
Got another one done while I was at it

Hot damn Q.G.

What can I say but :mittens:


--- Quote from: Scribbly on February 15, 2023, 02:42:55 pm ---My parent’s generation had a phrase that defined them. It sums up their whole ethos. “Greed is Good.” Those three words contain the sum total of their politics. It will be the legacy that they leave behind. The rot that they put out to infect the rest of the world.

The rest of us have one too.

I thought about different ways to say this; I could use a lot of fancy words and dress up the core conceit to make it palatable, intellectual, maybe even convincing. But that wouldn’t be truthful. For us, we can sum it all up in two words:

Fuck you.

Oh, there was a time when it could have been something else.

We gave you the chance. We begged you to compromise with us. We plead with you to row back just a little bit, to just lessen the misery that you inflict on the rest of us. You said no. Greed is good, right?

Well fuck you.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

You’ve made a world that wants us dead. You’ve burned our future to fuel your present. You looked us in the eye and you told us that you’d rather kill us than be inconvenienced for even a second.

Fuck you.

I can hear your mewling already. That’s not constructive. That’s not positive. That’s not helpful. That’s not going to convince anybody. At least Greed is Good contains the hope that there is something good to come, right?

Fuck you.

There’s nothing good in this world.

Nothing will ever be good again.

But I’ve still got spite, so.

Fuck you.

You want me to die?

Fuck you.

I will live long enough to make sure that your grave is soaked in piss. It won't change anything, but it'll make me smile.

Fuck you.

Or kill me.

--- End quote ---

Clearly your parents liked Michael Douglas a little too much. Wall Street was a shit movie in the 80's and still is.

My parent's generation had a quote that summed up THIER ethos "He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy".

Your parent's generation is the generation of Rachel Carson, E F Scumacher, Murray Bookchin. Your parent's generation crewed the Rainbow Warrior. Your parent's generation saw the first MLK day as a national holiday, they saw Guion Bluford go into space. Your parents generation took part in 1987 Gay and Lesbian march on Washington, over 200,000 taking a stand for Gay rights and highlighting the AIDS epidemic.

Piss on your parents, they will probably enjoy it by the sound of things. Piss on Michael Douglas, he'll almost certainly enjoy it. But don't you dare piss on the generation that went through hell and survived it so that you have the rights and freedoms you enjoy today. Try growing up and making sure the next generation has more so they can write bullshit that mocks and pisses on you.

Your nihilistic, narcissism is cloying!

If I may quote you "There’s nothing good in this world. Nothing will ever be good again."

Well little missy, FUCK YOU.

Over 70 years ago, living memory, Alan Turing was tortured and castrated by chemo "therapy".  The LGBTQ community survived.

MY generation lived under section 28 and where told all gay people where peados and predators and that fancying the same sex was a perversion. The LGBTQ community survived.

Today is SOOOOO hard for us right? I mean we can be married, we can serve our nations in the uniformed services and qualify for married quarters, we have legal protections from discrimination that Turing could only dream about. It's never been better for you lads and lassies in the Trans community Gender Dysphoria is now recognised and supported with treatments for transition available via the NHS.

Grow the fuck up and stop reading Nietsche. Study the people who came before you, how they fought, how they lost and how they eventualy won.

It's all about directed hate and you hypocrites get your panties in a bunch when somebody points out that we'll ride it out to greener pastures. But you have a good old party wank over some nihilistic bullshit?

I don't know what gave you the impression I was in any way interested in talking to you any further.

For the avoidance of doubt: I have not read and will not read anything you have to say to me.

Please see this for my position on you and people like you.

And in the spirit of the thread:

Fuck you.


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