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The gays and trans can't win

Started by Fallenkezef, May 05, 2023, 06:53:49 PM

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The abolitionists didn't defeat slavery. Who did?

The suffragettes didn't win the right to vote. Who did?

The left didn't defeat fascism. Who did?

Hell the republicans didn't even manage to defeat the monarchy. Who did?

The LBTQ+ community won't beat the likes of Trump and De Santis. But they will be defeated, once folks figure out who will do it.

Too many people want to fight and keep their panties clean. The victories of the past always involved, sooner or later, having to use those pretty, white knickers as a cloth to wipe away what's left of their metaphorical hymen.

Here's a clue "The enemy of my enemy is my friend", "My enemy is my greatest weapon", "the moral high ground is a mass grave."

You want to win? Study William Wilberforce, REALLY study what he did and how he failed. Figure out what he eventually figured out. How he won, how all the others won and who/what really won it for them.
Engage the enemy more closely

Doktor Howl

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