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The Privilege of Individuality

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Since coming out, I've noticed something which was only exacerbated by the Covenant School shooting:
I lost the right to be an individual.

I'm held accountable for the actions of complete strangers.
We were treated like we all had blood on our hands because we shared one common trait (in my case, more than one) with a single shooter.
I'm trans first, a person later.
At it's worse, I was suicidal, and thought that maybe offing myself wouldn't be bad because some trans autist dying would make people happy after one of them killed a bunch of kids.

I know this has happened to other groups throughout history, I know I'm not the first, but fuck.

Anna Mae Bollocks:
Live. Live to spite the motherfuckers.

Doktor Howl:
Spite makes Eris smile.  It's not a healthy smile, but it still counts.

Fuck the humans.  Nobody likes those guys.

Is this because of the school shooting thing?
I'd argue (not that there is any point arguing with the people that will use that as an excuse), that the country with almost daily school shootings, will due to averages have shooters represented from every group, age, ethnicity, sex, just based on the sheer quantity of them.

It's a very inclusive activity, we are likely less then a year away from someone's 90 year old grandmother shooting up a school to complete the bell curve.
That bell curve however still sits in the centre with disgruntled white boys.

It is exhausting, I totally understand that.

Just try to remember that the only thing worse than being hated by these monsters would be their approval. They are scum, and deserve nothing but your contempt.


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