'sup, my privileged, cishet shitlords?  I'm back from oppressing womyn and PoC.

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The Meaning

Started by QuestionsTheSoil, June 29, 2023, 07:43:24 PM

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I know you're trying to find meaning in this absurd tangle,
the tangle of wires and yarn,
Of words and symbology,

But have you considered that the meaning is the meaninglessness?
The point is the pointlessness,
The gibberish is the message.

The Heavens open and reveal a scripture of nonsense,
Psalms of incoherence,
Holy Books of random noise
The Deities of ignorant knowledge our their wisdom,
Wisdom of nothingness,
Wisdom of scribbles and screams
Lunatic Zoomer Garbage and Unholy Androgyne
I have questions that can be answered with bottles of teeth
I sift through the broken ideas of the anomalous subconscious