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Advancements in Cyborg Techmology


Brother Mythos:
Many will argue about what constitutes true cyborg techmology. However, I believe hardware connected directly to, and communicating directly with, the human brain meets the most stringent of requirements.

"Soft e-skin that communicates with the brain"

As per the article:

"This new e-skin is soft as, well, skin. The conversion elements are seamlessly incorporated within the skin, which measures a few tens of nanometers thick.

The development holds promise for more natural interaction between AI-based prosthetic limbs and the brain. It also is a step forward in efforts to construct robots that can "feel" human sensations such as pain, pressure and temperature. This would allow robots working with accident victims, for instance, to better relate to signs of comfort or distress."

Unfortunately, the papers this article is based upon are behind a paywall. However, those of you who are institutionalized may be able to access those papers through your respective institutions.

Here's the link:


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