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Uber Might Have Been a Better Choice


Brother Mythos:
"Maryland guardian arrives in stolen vehicle to take custody of teens arrested for auto theft, police say"

I can't help but wonder if this guardian had access to any vehicle that wasn't stolen. Irony and karma may be working overtime this week.

As per the article:

"Police said a female guardian was set to pick up the four juveniles, but the guardian and two other females arrived in what appeared to be another stolen vehicle, which left after the three women were dropped off at the police station.

Officers located the vehicle on a nearby street, which reportedly had a broken back window and steering column damage. When the officer ordered everyone out of the vehicle, the driver fled, nearly hitting one of the officers.

All the occupants got out of the vehicle after the driver drove a short distance, and it was determined the vehicle was stolen from another jurisdiction."

Here's the link:


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