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How best to describe Discordianism to the unaware?

Started by Patron Saint, December 17, 2012, 05:59:09 AM

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How best to describe Discordianism to the unaware?

HOUSE OF GABCab ~ "caecus plumbum caecus"

The Wizard Joseph

You can't get out backward.  You have to go forward to go back.. better press on! - Willie Wonka, PBUH

Life can be seen as a game with no reset button, no extra lives, and if the power goes out there is no restarting.  If that's all you see life as you are not long for this world, and never will get it.

"Ayn Rand never swung a hammer in her life and had serious dominance issues" - The Fountainhead

"World domination is such an ugly phrase. I prefer to call it world optimisation."
- Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality :lulz:

"You program the controller to do the thing, only it doesn't do the thing.  It does something else entirely, or nothing at all.  It's like voting."
- Billy, Aug 21st, 2019

"It's not even chaos anymore. It's BANAL."
- Doktor Hamish Howl

tyrannosaurus vex

just be the apologia you wish to see in the world
Evil and Unfeeling Arse-Flenser From The City of the Damned.

Hagtard Celine Dion Mustard

"I never thought of shaving my beard and freeing the slaves, but I thought of shaving the slaves and freeing my beard!"
~ Abrahaham Lincololn


Turns around, quickly doodling goatse onto a post it note before folding it in half and handing it to them.

Here is the answer that you seek.

"I.. is that goatse? I don't understand."

Excellent, you are beginning to understand.

"No, I...What does it mean?"

Sighs and jabs finger at the anus.



Leans in, voice barely a whisper

Look buddy if I have to take you into the bathroom and dig out the answer for you I will.

Leans back, smiling

I'll even leave you a red rose when I'm done so you'll never forget, and have to ask me again.



This is how I answer approximately half of all the questions I'm asked.

Yes I carry around some post it notes and a pen or pencil at all times just for this.

Picture this any time you think of me xoxo

Even though I'm business casual.

Nobody got shit on my normie skin.

Brother Mythos

Discordianism is fundamentally mischievous irreverence.
Discordianism is fundamentally mischievous irreverence.

I've upped my game. So, up yours.


Lunatic Zoomer Garbage and Unholy Androgyne
I have questions that can be answered with bottles of teeth
I sift through the broken ideas of the anomalous subconscious


This thread is so much concentrated cringe it is banned under the geneva convention.
I had an existential crisis and all I got was this stupid gender.