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An Illuminati Structure Discovered in Antarctica?


Brother Mythos:
"Mysterious pyramid found under Antarctica ice - sparking conspiracy theories"

A two kilometer wide structure which was spotted by satellite images in Antarctica has sparked wild rumours it could have been created by the Illuminati

As per the article:

Social media users and conspiracy theorists are claiming a new pyramid has been discovered in Antarctica. Recently, satellite images have been realised and many have been left convinced a mysterious triangle structure in the snowy and icy continent is the newest wonder of the world.

It's left multiple people scratching their heads and questioning where a new pyramid would have come from. The huge pyramid-shaped mass was seen from images taken over the southern part of Antarctica's Ellsworth Mountain range. Some odd look [sic] peaks, which seem to be emerging from the ground, have emerged."

However, this article makes no mention of the ancient, intelligent cephalopods who once inhabited Antarctica. And, geologist Mitch Darcy is, obviously, trying to get out in front of this breaking news story, with his attempt to quell any theories concerning the involvement of the Illuminati in the construction of this newly discovered pyramid.   

Here's the link:


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