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Eris Is In the News Today!

Started by Brother Mythos, August 07, 2023, 09:25:42 PM

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Brother Mythos

CDC says COVID variant EG.5 is now dominant, including strain some call "Eris"

As per the article:

"EG.5 includes a strain with a subgroup of variants designated as EG.5.1, which a biology professor, T. Ryan Gregory, nicknamed "Eris" — an unofficial name that began trending on social media."

And, just wait until the world finds out what else our Goddess Eris has been doing these days!

Here's the link to the article:

Hail Eris!

Q. G. Pennyworth

Brother Mythos

"Eris Could be Slushier Than Pluto"

As per the article:

"In 2005, astronomer Mike Brown and his colleagues Chad Trujillo and David Rabinowitz announced the discovery of a previously unknown planetoid in the Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune's orbit. The team named this object Eris after the Greek personification of strife and discord, which was assigned by the IAU a year later. Along with Haumea and Makemake, which they similarly observed in 2004 and 2005 (respectively), this object led to the "Great Planet Debate," which continues to this day. Meanwhile, astronomers have continued to study the Trans-Neptunian region to learn more about these objects.

While subsequent observations have allowed astronomers to get a better idea of Eris' size and mass, there are many unresolved questions about the structure of this "dwarf planet" and how it compares to Pluto. In a recent study, Mike Brown and University of California Santa Cruz professor Francis Nimmo presented a series of models based on new mass estimates for Eris' moon Dysnomia. According to their results, Eris is likely differentiated into a convecting icy shell and rocky core, which sets it apart from Pluto's conductive shell."

The article goes on to describe the study's methodology, data, etc., and then states:

""If Dysnomia is smaller than that, then Eris is even more squishy. We make the point that Eris should be pretty smooth because if there's any surface topography, the ice is going to flow, and that topography will go away. So it would be nice to get some measurements of what shape Eris is because if it's very irregular, that would not agree with our model.""

Now, I'm all for scientifically researching the great unknown. But, there are some things that are better left alone. And I, for one, do not think it wise to describe our Beloved, Mischievous Goddess Eris using terms like "slushier," "squishy," and "irregular." That kind of language could lead to some very serious consequences for those intrepid researchers.

Here's the link:   Eris Could be Slushier Than Pluto

Hail Eris!