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Ancient Pyramid of Greece Sparks Controversy

Started by Brother Mythos, November 20, 2023, 10:22:05 PM

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Brother Mythos

Mrs. Mythos brought this article to my attention yesterday afternoon. She knew it would be of interest to me as we have visited Greece many times, and the Hellinikon, the Ancient Pyramid of this article, on a couple of our trips.

As per the article:

"There is no other controversy like the one surrounding the ancient pyramid discovered in Greece. Ancient Greek history often stimulates meaningful debate – one has only to think of how many different views there are on the Hellinikon.

Were the Greeks building pyramids before the mighty Egyptians? And why is such a line of enquiry valid to some and unsound to others? It is time to reveal a "secret" or "mystery" not often shared.

The trouble with the story of the Hellinikon pyramid is that scholars of Greek antiquity have disputed its period and purpose. There is no agreement that the Hellinikon is a pyramid, yet fans of the archaeological site still carry on making their enthusiastic projections."

I have my own opinions concerning the design and purpose of this ancient structure. But, my money is on the 4th century B.C. being its time of construction.

Here's the link:   Ancient Pyramid of Greece
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