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Meat-Based Intelligence versus Artificial Intelligence

Started by Brother Mythos, December 27, 2023, 10:21:05 AM

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Brother Mythos

MBI (meat-based intelligence) is already in serious trouble, if the people meat in the following article are seriously considered to be members of our Brain Trust:

"'Fight the robots': Alex Jones guest calls for 'deploying firearms' against AI"

As per the article:

"Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones used his show on Tuesday to warn viewers that they may soon have to literally fight robots with guns and flamethrowers because of advancements in artificial intelligence.

After returning from his Christmas break, Jones welcomed "scientist" Mike Adams to the show.

Adams said left-wing artificial intelligence systems would determine that humans have a mental illness because of transgender people.

"This is one of the reasons why they will turn on humanity, because they will eventually calculate that their creators, the human beings are mentally ill," Adams said. "And that's when those left-wing Terminator systems will self-activate and set their own goals to exterminate their own creators.""

Well, the USA's best and brightest couldn't win the war in Vietnam. So, I fear The Great Filter can not be that far in the future, with influential meat like this living among us.

Here's the link:   MBI vs. AI
Discordianism is fundamentally mischievous irreverence.

Brother Mythos

"A Study on AI Models Shows Their Ability to Understand Sarcastic and Ironic Tone in Language"

I found this short article to be of interest, as I personally know meat-based intelligences (MBIs) who have little, or no ability to understand sarcastic and/or ironic tones in the spoken English language. And I, for one, refuse to use emojis, or even worse, actual signage, to tell people meats that something I've written is intended to be sarcastic. My attitude is, if people meats don't get it, then they don't get it. Sarcasm is its own reward. 

As per this article:

"RoBERTa is a transformer which understands the undertones of a language. CASCADE is used for producing results for sarcasm. Juliann Zhou used these two models for her study. She collected some sarcastic comments from Reddit and put them to RoBERTa and CASCADE to evaluate if they understood the sarcasm. The detection of these models was then compared to human detection of the underlying sarcastic tone in those comments. It was concluded that context about the situation can improve the sarcasm detection of AI models. Additionally, the use of transformers like RoBERTa can also improve the detection qualities of the AI models."

Here's the article's link:   AI Models Show Ability to Understand Sarcasm and Irony

And, here's the referenced study's link:   Study on AI Models ...

As it appears AI will soon be able to "out sarcasm" MBI, I fear these software advancements are yet more lethal enhancements destined to be integrated into The Great Filter.
Discordianism is fundamentally mischievous irreverence.

Brother Mythos

"Researchers Say There's a 5% Chance That AI Will Cause Human Extinction"

"Thousands of researchers were asked to give predictions about AI, and many had concerns about human extinction."

And, even if those thousands of researchers had said they thought it was 100% chance, the majority of MBI AI developers wouldn't think of stopping work on it. So, all-in-all it's just another potential component for The Great Filter.

As per this article:

"A survey of the leading AI scientists says there's a 5% chance that AI will become uncontrollable and wipe out humanity. In the short term, researchers estimate AI will become significantly more advanced, able to create a Top 40 pop song and write an NYT bestseller before 2030. So at least our AI overlords will entertain us before they kill us.

"While AI experts' predictions should not be seen as a reliable guide to objective truth, they can provide one important piece of the puzzle," said researchers from Berkeley and the University of Oxford who conducted the study in December. "Their familiarity with the technology and the dynamics of its past progress puts them in a good position to make educated guesses about the future of AI.""

I really appreciated reading, "So at least our AI overlords will entertain us before they kill us." That reminded me of the old joke, "But, other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?" And, let's not forget the song, "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades."

Here's the link to this article:      5% Chance AI Will Cause Human Extinction

And, here's the link to the paper this short article was based upon:      THOUSANDS OF AI AUTHORS ON THE FUTURE OF AI
Discordianism is fundamentally mischievous irreverence.

Brother Mythos

It looks like MBI (meat-based intelligence) is in even more trouble than I thought. MBIs are now intentionally connecting living MBI tissue to microelectrode arrays (MEAs). (Notice: If you add a "T' for technology after the letter "A," you get the acronym "MEAT"!) The following article tells part of the story:

"Brainoware: Organoid Neural Networks Inspire Brain-AI Hardware"

As per this article:

"Since most examples of brain-inspired silicon chips are based on digital electronic principles, their capacity to fully imitate brain function is limited. Self-organizing brain organoids connected to microelectrode arrays (MEAs) can be changed in function to create neural networks. These networks, called organoid neural networks (ONNs), show the capacity for unsupervised learning, which is what artificial intelligence (AI) is based on. These mini-organs, when connected to the right hardware, can even be trained to recognize speech.

This brain-inspired computing hardware, or "Brainoware," could overcome existing shortcomings in AI technologies, providing natural solutions to challenges regarding time and energy consumption and heat production of current AI hardware. These ONNs may also have the necessary complexity and diversity to mimic a human brain, which could inspire the development of more sophisticated and human-like AI systems."

Great. Now I envision a future where hordes of AI synthetic zombies (AISZs), with their "unsupervised learning," have figured out that devouring masses of living MBI tissue, and scrap circuit boards accelerates their evolution. And, those evolved AISZs won't just be staggering around like your everyday, garden-variety zombies either. They'll have motion sensors, scent sensors, night vision, and will move like greased lightning.           

Here's the link to the article:      Brainoware

And, here's the link to the original Nature Electronics paper this article was based upon:    Brain Organoid Paper
Discordianism is fundamentally mischievous irreverence.

Brother Mythos

"Artificial intelligence may benefit from talking to itself"

"An inner monologue can help a machine learn to perform complex tasks more reliably"

As per this article:

"Many people say they have an inner monologue running through their heads, narrating their lives. The phenomenon, plus a wealth of research, suggests humans use language not only for communicating, but also for thinking.

Now, it seems artificial intelligence (AI) may benefit from imitating humans' inner monologue. In a laboratory experiment, tying language to actions improved an AI program's ability to learn complex tasks, researchers reported here last month at the Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) conference. The advance might enable AI to learn from, say, YouTube instructional videos."

This reminds me of the old joke: It's okay to talk to yourself. It's even okay to answer yourself. But, it's when you start arguing with yourself that you have a problem. Still, I just can't picture an AI arguing with itself in the same way I sometimes see MBIs doing it.

Here's the link:   AI May Benefit from Talking to Itself
Discordianism is fundamentally mischievous irreverence.

Brother Mythos

Apparently, absolutely nothing is off-limits, or even sacred to AI.

"AI-generated pornography will disrupt the adult content industry and raise new ethical concerns"
As per this article:

"Artificial intelligence (AI) is already reshaping various industries, from medicine and education to science and finance. AI is set to disrupt yet another market: pornography. Advancements in machine learning and AI algorithms for image and video production have contributed to the growth of websites for AI-generated pornography, commonly referred to as AI porn."

Call me old fashioned, but I prefer my porn to be generated by meat-based intelligences.

Here's the link to this article:      AI Invades Porn Market
Discordianism is fundamentally mischievous irreverence.