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On Pentabarf V.

Started by ein Gefrorener Würfel, December 20, 2023, 08:24:26 PM

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ein Gefrorener Würfel

Have you thought about mambo number 5? I have some thoughts for rule number 5 of the Pentabarf.

"V. A Discordian is Prohibited of Believing what he reads."
That's a strange rule, it seems to contradict itself. I read that I'm not allowed to believe what I read. Of course Discordians love contradictions and this love would be Reason enough for such a law, but there is more. This simple sentence represents the core believes of Discordianism.
1. As I already said, it's a contradiction, but it's true. That's unlogical, chaotic. The human being has a logical part and a chaotic part. We should never forget the chaos within us. Order might be easy to comprehend and sustain, but chaos is beautiful. There is no art in a chessboard pattern, but you can stare for hours on a TV full of snow. It's chaotic, it's random, it's freedom. No borders that constrain your thoughts. They can fly freely through your head. They can travel with your imagination through time and space. Spacetime.
You ar alone with your Memorys and your feelings. No data from the outside must be processed, no decisions must be made. Just chaos and freedom.
2. If you look deeper into this contradiction you will se an appeal. It will say:
"Think ere you believe!"
Don't fall into the pit of self-imposed immaturity. It's hard to get out of there. IF you want to stay mature you need to think about everything you read. Who is the author? What is their opinion? Why do they want me to believe this? Are there different opinions from other authors? And never forget the most important question: Is there a contradiction to the Principia Discordia?
After you have pondered these questions you can decide if you want to believe what you have read or not. But be aware, it's a sin to believe what you read!
Eris will punish you!
Believe me!

ODD# I(e)/3,iv;73Cfn3179

As a pdf scan from my manuscript (may contain spelling errors):

Brother Mythos

Discordianism is fundamentally mischievous irreverence.


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