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cinnamon sugar toast (revealed to me in a dream)

Started by mx krabs the bepronouned, January 09, 2024, 10:35:15 PM

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mx krabs the bepronouned

- mix cinnamon and granulated sugar like 1:5. or use a different ratio if you want, im not your dad, no gods no masters and whatnot
- put that shit. Onto toast (buttered). with like a spoon probably so you can kinda sprinkle it on there
- marvel

noone has ever thought of this before . if anyone has already done this dont tell me i will not be checking
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seems like OM and the internet were not an ideal combination huh


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Offering two of my own variations, also revealed to me in a dream.

-Grind up sumac and caraway seed in a roughly 50/50 mixture. You will want to taste this to get it right. You will know when it's right when you have a religious experience that makes you sound like Lil Jon.
-Butter your toast, then spread honey over the butter.
-Add your WHAT to the HUH, enjoy with DAMN.

-Grind up cardamom and cinnamon in a roughly 50/50 mixture. You don't need to get this right, but I encourage tasting anyway. Yummy.
-Butter your toast, then spread molasses (do NOT use blackstrap) over the butter.
-Add your cardamom and cinnamon mixture to the toast, enjoy with a strongly flavored black tea.
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I also have some insights about this revealed to me in a dream.

Toast your toast before buttering it.


Mix eggs (without the shell) with milk and soak toast in it, then bake soggy toast in a pan. Use the cinnamon-sugar mixture described in the first post.