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More Merch for the Mesmerized MAGAt Minions Is on the Market!

Started by Brother Mythos, April 24, 2024, 07:44:14 PM

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Brother Mythos

This item has been out there for a while, but given TFG's current criminal court behavior, its now destine to become a cult classic! It's the "Pull My Finger Farting Donald Trump Plush Figure Doll - With Animated Hair - 10.5 Inches Tall!"

The TFG doll has these features, as per the following ad:

PULL MY FINGER: Press my finger and hear me talk and fart.

MY HAIR FLOPS AND MOVES: With 7 Hilarious Farts and Quotes in My Voice- When you press my finger not only will I talk and fart but my hair will move as well.

SIZE: This Farting Trump doll measure 10.5 x 8x 7 inches. Nice size figure.

SOUND QUALITY: Our Farting Trump Doll has excellent sound quality: TRUMPS VOICE: Sounds exactly like the President Donald Trump when he speaks - FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY QUOTES!!!

And, the following ad for this doll has a video that demonstrates it's capabilities!

You can order this item in time for MAGAt Mother's Day gift giving right here:      Farting TFG Doll

Brother Mythos

This, of course, is a logical piece of merch for the MAGAt minions. If they're going to wear diapers at their rallies, and claim that 'Real Men Wear Diapers,' it makes sense that they should buy a special brand.

So, here they are:   The Donald's Leak Protecting Adult Diapers

WARNING: They are pricey. And, they come with a disclaimer that says, *FOR NOVELTY USE ONLY*, but TFG should be advertised with the same warning.

Brother Mythos

Here's an item that all truly hardcore MAGAts are sure to want to proudly own and wear:

Here's the link:   The 'I'M VOTING FOR THE CONVICTED FELON' T-Shirt