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Hotel pictures and other odd areas

Started by Finnius, February 08, 2024, 11:36:52 PM

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I recently remembered this and thought I would pass it along as nostalgia from the old days. Couldn't find a topic that quite fits this here it is. I am sure you all know about the "gift packages" from way back when that were mailed to various members (take something out, put something in) but here is another example of hidden communication.

Before the days of internet and the alt.slack, alt.discordia, alt.illuminati of the things that was mildly popular was attaching memos or letters or other weirdness to the backs of those hanging pictures in hotel rooms. You know the ones...the ones that have probably been hanging there for decades...never moving...maybe getting dusted 1x a year. Yeah...those.

The thought was "well hell no NORMAL person would ever think to look behind one of those pictures! Only people like us and maybe perhaps the overtly paranoid person looking for hidden microphones. So why not use this space to put local restaurant reviews, quick little "hellos", rantings and ravings, or a note for the paranoid telling him that...yes...the conspiracy he imagines IS REAL. Or kill me!

Over the years I have put probably 30 or so letters behind those pictures...and actually found 1! Never expected to of course cause what were the chances...but hell I still check every time I happen to need a hotel room for a day/week. For all I know that picture I am looking behind hasn't moved in 30 years!

Just thought I would share this nugget from the past and maybe incite a spark for this or other "interestingly obvious" places to spread some confusion.

Brother Mythos

While lazing at the beach, I've occasionally mused about putting a message in bottle, and tossing it out into the ocean. But, it never, ever occurred to me to extend that kind of thought to hotel room pictures.


I've done a message in a bottle, this is way more clever, and less likely to get water damaged

chaotic neutral observer

Write your messages on toilet paper in public bathrooms instead.

You won't waste paper, you'll reach a wider audience, and your words will be delivered to the end they deserve.
Desine fata deum flecti sperare precando.