Testamonial:  And i have actually gone to a bar and had a bouncer try to start a fight with me on the way in. I broke his teeth out of his fucking mouth and put his face through a passenger side window of a car.

Guess thats what the Internet was build for, pussy motherfuckers taking shit in safety...

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Disco of the Occult

Started by Finnius, February 10, 2024, 07:50:32 PM

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So I decided to go digging through my archives of the 23ae site, the POEE site, the Aktion23 site, (and others not quite so famous) and decided to share this one nugget. Its 3 different versions of the Discordian Tarot Deck. Cannot recall which site(s) I got them from but it's here for you. I am currently thinking about putting up my entire archives on my seedbox but unfortunately I seem to have acquired an Affenpinscher recently that enjoys nipping at heels. Perhaps later.

I will leave that folder up for a week or two...or whenever I feel like removing it.
You are welcome. (I was happy to see the Trout Trump card. It's been AGES since I had seen it.)