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Chop Suey

Started by ein Gefrorener Würfel, March 28, 2024, 10:01:28 PM

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ein Gefrorener Würfel

CN: It's about suicide

Thoughts from one of those who remain

QuoteChop Suey

Suicide is a difficult topic. What is our issue with it? Are we afraid that we will die? Is it the lost time spent with the other person? The potential for good memories?
Eris attaches no sin to a self chosen death. So the act, in itself, shouldn't bring us sorrow.
Often, it's the circumstances that lead to this end. We hear or read the story and think of all the possible ways where the plot could have taken a different route. How we could have made a difference, if we had just known how the future would play out.
But we didn't.
We have to live on.
Suffering has been lessened. There might have been better outcomes, this might be the least bad one.
I don't know.