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An Encounter

Started by mx krabs the bepronouned, April 01, 2024, 05:43:15 PM

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mx krabs the bepronouned

A few days ago, I decided to walk around outside for a change. I brought a plastic bag, and was picking up the occasional discarded bottle or wrapper in a vague attempt at actually doing something to tangibly improve the world.

At one point, I crossed a mostly-quiet road to get closer to an area with a larger buildup of litter.

At that moment, a handful of Youths (if i had to guess, about 15) cycled past, laughing, with traffic cones balanced on their heads.

I looked up, and realised I was standing right next to the lamppost numbered 235.

Somewhat distracted by this, I reached for an old bottle on the ground nearby.

It was full of piss.

I laughed out loud on the empty street, flipped off the number on the lamppost, then went home to clean my hands.

Part of me wants to assign some sort of prophetic significance to this. Something about how trying to clean up a few bottles isn't going to do shit about the real problems in the world right now, not least the ones that likely stopped some poor amazon lorry driver from taking an actual toilet break. Another part of me wants that part to shut up for once.

Either way, its damn funny.
"Boy howdy, that chapel sure can perilous!"

seems like OM and the internet were not an ideal combination huh


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