Author Topic: Sounds and Stuff : Deprogram/Ardour/MPC/Burnstation  (Read 3187 times)


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Sounds and Stuff : Deprogram/Ardour/MPC/Burnstation
« on: May 11, 2007, 09:05:07 pm »
It's the weekend. Rah!

Sound: Deprogram

This and that .... haunts me. Something about it I like so

Pretty good find this seemingly tiny australian techie girl
putting out tracks. Free mp3's to check out and whatnot.

Into open source sound software using Ardour for Linux and
MacOSX platforms so if you want to check that out for those
making tracks themselves. I have not myself.

For more whatever check out Burnstation. Seems to work with
flawlessly with Media Player Classic for me alright.

Media Player Classic found here though you might not need it.

For noise and sound lovers probably more than anyother... maybe
only for them. Srsly!

So a lot of ear noise/candy depending on what you like at here.

Where the ladies at? Female strong sound... Deprogram.

Alright then.

- Dags

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