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Second life is crazy I hear, you can do all sorts of shit on it. Who wants to try and sell flamingos on it?

has anyone here done anything with second life? it's getting pretty popular, governments and politicians and major corporations are setting up offices in second life and holding press conferences and Q&A sessions and such.

I used to run a world known as 'kaoz' in honor of chaos magic in Dreamland Park years ago.  It was actually pretty dorky now that I look back on it.  I never signed up for second life, which may be good since I hear it got hacked somewhat recently.  I'll probly sign up once I get a new computer, and use it to ad my future art venue.  Maybe get in on the active worlds mall world too.  The comp I'm using now is so sucking bats.  I can barely even type on it,  let alone see the screen, but still usable.  I give it a couple weeks, which is just enough time to get a new vista.

whoa whoa whoa

whats all this about?

second life?

is this something i have to look up on wikipedia?


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