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holy fuck

if/when this makes its way on to mobile devices...

well fuck

i kinda feel like a idiot for not knowing about this

i did some more reading about it and talking to a friend that played it and evidently 99% of the game is sex-starved supernerds paying for virtual lapdances.

then again i suppose that's how the internet can appear sometimes. i'm sure there's some decent stuff on there if you know where to look.  seems kinda goofy though.

pornography is at the forefront of all innovations in digital multimedia

porn is the new wallpaper

Starship, take me:

This should be required reading for anyone considering wasting time/money on this game.

When the blog circuit started drooling all over SL several months ago I checked it out and was unimpressed.

Read up on the protest against the French "Front National" political party or the pranking of Anshe Chung.  These techniques could be adapted for HIMEOBS operations in SL.

I played it a year or two ago on a 3 day demo. Hoverboards rocked but it was no where near as good as quake 3, in terms of gameplay and chat.


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