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The City.  Cold, grey, full of angles jutting at odd, predictable angles.  A place where anarchy lies just a gunshot away from the uneasy order that has slowly taken over.  Gee, I miss the suburbs.

It was a grey morning, as I groggily lifted my head from my desk.  I vaguely wondered who had cracked open my brain pan & replaced it with charcoal in mid-burn, when I noticed the bottle next to me, a half-inch of amber liquid left.  Right.  Another night of self-pity, in the City that doesnt care.  Coming fully into painful consciousness, I grabbed the bottle & poured the rest of the cheap scotch into last nights glass, fighting the nausea of a new day.

I leaned back in my chair, and looked out the window, at the concrete prison of Ideas that is the City.  There was little traffic this morning, as most people only come to the City when they have to.  Government, Inc. had proclaimed today to be a holiday for tax purposes, so the worker bees stayed in their hives, fearing to tread in the unpredictable streets.

Hearing the outer door open, I ran my fingers through my hair.  Graying already, my temples turning the color of the pavement.  The knock came as I straightened my tie, trying to make it look like I didnt spend the night passed out in an alcoholic haze.

When She walked in, it was like a Krakatoa sunrise.  Short red hair trained to hold the curves of her skull like it was the president of the Clara Bow fan club, and a dress to match.  Legs that went for miles, all standing unsteadily on a pair of heels that could be used as weapons.  What the fuck was she doing here, in this room, in this building, in this City?  She was the kind of woman who threw the unfeeling vastness of the City into pure focus, just by standing there, radiating life.

Are you LMNO?
Some call me that, yeah.
I hear youre a dick.  I need someone to be a dick for me.
Did I mention Im a fan of double entendres, as well?  

She smiled, a quick, no-teeth smile of condescension, but I could tell from her eyes she was holding something back. It took a lot to stand the City.  We all have our armor, some of us just hide it better.  What can I do for you, I asked.

Its this, she said, tossing a playing card on my desk.  I picked it up, and noticed it wasnt a playing card, but a Tarot card.  The Tower, to be exact.


She looked worried, and in that moment, it seemed like the entire Universe wanted to protect her, reassure her. What is it? she asked.

Are you trying to tell me something?  Dames like you dont just walk in here and throw Tarot at me.  I usually leave that to the Gypsies.
Someone slipped this into my box last night.
What did I tell you about entendres?
Look, LMNOWhat kind of name is that, anyway?
My parents were librarians.  They liked keeping everything lined up.
IĶ See. She gave me a look like she wasnt sure whether to believe me.  Well, Ive been getting mysterious phone calls over the past few weeks, and now this.  Im frightened.
What kind of phone calls?
Its embarrassing.  I wont tell you, unless you want to take the case.  

I thought about next months rent, and the dwindling case of scotch in the closet.  What the hell, I thought, at least itll be interestingĶ  Sure, dollface, Ill work with you.  Now why dont you tell me about it from the beginningĶ



<chin in hand, Hoshiko stares raptly at the screen, waiting for the next chapter>

RAH!  :D

Horab Fibslager:
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