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agent compassion:

--- Quote from: ellemeno ---The City. Cold, grey, full of angles jutting at odd, predictable angles. A place where anarchy lies just a gunshot away from the uneasy order that has slowly taken over. Gee, I miss the suburbs.

--- End quote ---

 :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  

I don't know how anyone could miss suburbs. It's like Thud. It is Thud.

still missing the city,
and stealing Chef's signoff.


The 'burb are indeed the land of Thud.

agent compassion:
Yep, and infested with rich white conservatards too, I canvassed this county all summer...they're everywhere.... ::shudder::

In recent years though, Mexican and Korean immigrants have found this neighborhood to be hospitable, so now there is at least some kinda culture around here.


You make one wisecrack, and look what happens...


agent compassion:


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