So essentially, the enemy of my enemy is not my friend, he's just another moronic, entitled turd in the bucket.

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Discourse 16: Imposition of order = Escalation of chaos!

Started by Trollax, September 04, 2003, 07:42:44 AM

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Quote from: The Good Reverend RogerWe must disorganise!
Quote from: Lord Omar RavenhurstImposition of order = escalation of chaos!

Ah... but where is the order imposed and where is the disorganisation being perpetrated?
Perhaps Lord Omar was hinting at something more than simple entropy? Perhaps that If we as discordians make the concession to organisation we can be better directed in our production of chaos! Did you ever think that the actual imposition of a heirarchy of mindfuck development and production could be beneficial in our production of chaos...
Consider the words of St. Jonar Nader: Forget teamwork... give me teams that work! we must not work together we must simply work at a common goal, synthesis and synergy are bourne out of collective drive they do not facilitate it.

Imposition of order = Escalation of chaos!

We must organise in order that we may disorganise! design and plan and test and retest then redesign our pranks until they are nothing but pure infuriation and controversy... unable to do anything else other than challenge perceptions! Friends! Discordians! Mental patients! Lend me your jackets and shoes!

Order is the chief cause of chaos!

The state is the chief cause of anarchy!

The bank is the chief cause of the economy

A house is the chief cause of homelessness

Titles are the chief cause of dispossession

So... whos got something they want to try? Who wants to help slarti get by the cameras at his school? who needs the perfect turn of phrase to express something and load a statement in a precise way?

Imposition of order = Escalation of chaos

One is the cause of the other
the other is the cause of one

nothing is the cause of nothing

and the extreme zen master said: "The purple sage writes in purple pen and the pen writes through the purple sage.. yet purple does not a pen make nor purple pens a sage...

~Cyclic Trollax~


Irreverend Hugh, KSC

"Time for the tin-foil hats, girls and boys!"


now... I have customisable popecards available from my website in the downloads section... the prefix path forwarding is still acting up however, it won't crash or anything, just don't hit the refresh button or you'll go back to the entrance page...

you can get the basic POEE card there and I've fit four to a page, and you can see the card I did of the Church of Our Lady of Happenstance... That one is going into the catholic emporium today!

And hugh... I have started on the messiah/redeemer card.  :twisted:

Anyone want anything at all? I'm off to officeworks to pick up some labels for my DIA servicing rounds... I'm gonna hit every toilet block on campus!