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Discourse 17: Saviour pkt 1. Assorted Genders and Styles.

Started by Trollax, September 26, 2003, 10:49:24 AM

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Discourse 17: Saviour pkt 1. Assorted Genders and Styles.
Why Redeemers Can't Redeem.

We've heard about caverns, we've bitched about draconian governments, we've been enlightened, elucidated, euclidiated, and totally full of shit when we weren't tripping out on our latest find from the used bookstore. You would say there is no way out of here, but you do not believe this, otherwise you would not be here. Somewhere deep in your foolish hopes you believe there is still a way forward to authentic freedom. Where? Who will show us? Who has the balls (or the breasts) to lead the way? Nobody. There is no saviour coming, no "one," no revolution, roger was right, we are all doomed. Because we're still misreading Malacalypse the Elder's sign. Doom is dumb. Is it becoming clearer yet? You have to be dumb to be free from doom, because only a dumbass would believe that there is no justification for happiness. You're happy because you found 20 bucks on the floor of the bus. You're happy because you just had sex all last night. You're happy because you're engaged. You're happy because you're going on holiday.

In short you are happy because you are doomed. Because happiness is "always" justifiable. But that's just taking an abstraction and making it abstract again; the real point is, you need a reason. That's why you need to see doom, change, a marauding government, Starbucks, white mice, lizard men, conspiracies, pirates, and maybe even char-grilled bagels with extra coffee sauce just to make you move. We are all reactionary, if we weren't we would never budge, (there I go again with the Zen...). If we weren't reactionary we wouldn't worry so much about having our freedom taken away (or whatever you'd like to say is being violated) because we wouldn't be re-acting. Reaction is a response to an action, which is itself just another reaction. This is called quantum mechanics: one of the ideas behind determinism. Quantum Mechanics says because everything has a cause, if you can work out, definitely, the position and velocity of even one particle, precisely, you can know everything there ever is to know about the universe.
Everything is justifiable according to determinism, because everything has a definite cause (are you seeing the two asses and a cavern approaching?). If all our emotions and feelings are justifiable then we can easily understand why we are sad, why we are happy, who and what made or contributed towards our anger etc. But, we can also become easily trapped in our feelings. Recently I was looking back over the distinct lack of relationships in my 20 years and thought to myself, it's never going to happen. Sound reasoning, it hasn't happened, there's never been any indication of it possibly happening, so why should that change? It was when I realised that happiness cannot be justified I also realised (as Hugh pointed out) "there is no happiness in justification." Sadness is rationalised, happiness is not. Slavery is rationalised, freedom is not. War is rationalised, peace is not. Doom is rationalised, Dumb is not. This is why redeemers cannot redeem. Saviours are meant to liberate us from our prisons, and if those prisons are built in the minds of people (and enforced in various guises through force) how can they be taken away? They are unreal.
Sheng-ts'an was a Zen Monk who was infected with leprosy. He went to his master Hui-k'o and said, "Master my body is afflicted with leprosy, I beg you to remove the karma placed upon me. Take away my wrongdoing." Hui-k'o replied: "Bring me your wrongdoing and I will cleanse it from you. Sheng-ts'an went away and he searched for his wrongdoing, but he could not find it. He returned to Hui-k'o and said: "Master I have searched high and low, within and without, yet I cannot find my wrongdoing." Hui-k'o smiled and said: "There, I have cleansed it for you."
The real is not rational, yet the unreal can be rationalised away. Can you rationalise away a gun? Can you rationalise away the type of government you live under? Of course, you do it all the time, by calling the most positive voice for world peace on this earth a junta and a dictatorship. Not that I believe the US government is currently acting in the interests of peace, but I do wish to illustrate my point with serifs and swirls. Guns may be real, bullets may wound you, but the reason you are wounded is up to you. Are you wounded because you were the victim of a dictator, or because you would not abandon the Athens you loved? The Redeemer shows this to the world, turns dictators into rabbits and scientists into clowns. But they cannot make that switch inside your head for the same reason a bullet wound is like Sheng-ts'an's karma?ñ it is within. So you look to Eris, or god, or goddess, me, Roger, Hugh, or whoever to tell you that your psychic armor is real and actually works. Pain is rational, joy is not. That is why I am not your voice?ñ

Now If I wrench my topic in another direction. It is something that has troubled me for some time now, people who downplay they're own knowledge or wisdom in the face of another's. I'll say it one time only before I start shooting:
I am not Roger's replacement, the one thing I manage to prove in all of Roger's sermons is my reliance on philosophy and my poor grasp of politics. I am not a master of anyone, if I cannot impress that any way I will say this: out of all my activities, university, forum postings, webpage design, graff, singing, and life in general, I make the most mistakes. But that's only because I'm always putting my hand up. You don't see the mistakes, you just see the hand going up. It's not confidence; it's not stupidity. It is me, having a go and forgetting to remember about difference.
I've read Penumbral and I've read Slartibartfast, and in their own words they make universal sense and have a lot to say that's pertinent and useful. I've read Lister and Seanfish, Z?, the commander, Dr. Fnordly, Hotsuma, and even Devel Scquerrel.
You know maybe it is just me. Maybe I'm the fluke who can read commentaries on the Denkoroku and relate them back to Marcus Aurelius? Or be walking down the street, see anything at all, nothing important, but get wisdom out of it.
If you say yes, then there is no redeemer, and I am a guru, a figurehead who is loved by the masses under duress.

...and Daveo Said: "Yep... nuff said." and Simmo was enlightened...