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Sri Syadasti: The Forgotten Apostle

Started by the other anonymous, July 03, 2005, 01:55:25 PM

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the other anonymous

All Apostles are remembered in some sense, forgotten in some sense, never known in some sense, remembered and forgotten in some sense, remembered and never known in some sense, forgotten and never known in some sense, and remembered and forgotten and never known in some sense.


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Rev. St. Syn, KSC (Ret.)

Was that run through potrace? Fantastic. :)
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Shibboleet The Annihilator

Very nice, I need to figure out how to do that so I can make actual art.

the other anonymous

Oh cool! Positive feedback! And people want to know how I did it.

Yep, potrace. First, I compared all of the versions of the image I had and chose the one with the most detail. Then I doubled the image's size, played with the contrast a little, and then got tedious.

PSP3 lets you zoom in real close (I prefer around 8:1) and have two colors on the mouse (left-click and right-click). So, for two or three days, I changed each pixel to black or white, occasionally potracing to see if the results were any good.

And I did that to each and every line and curve in the image.

The results aren't perfect though. I changed a few highlights that weren't tracing that well, and added a disc to the crest. The discs aren't as round as I'd like them either, but by the time I noticed it I was sick of looking at Syadasti and said "good enough."

eL sTiKo

Mind if we put it in a forthcoming book?
eL sTiKo
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the other anonymous

Quote from: eL sTiKoMind if we put it in a forthcoming book?

It's public domain. There's only one piece of advice on asking permission to use a public domain work:

Talking to yourself is okay -- but if you answer yourself, you have a problem. ;)

Shibboleet The Annihilator

He's full of shit!

There's nothing wrong with answering yourself.


Agreed!  It's when you have to ask yourself to repeat yourself to yourself that you have a problem!
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the other anonymous

Quote from: Fizzwitz GlorypoopLink's not working.  :cry:

Works for me ???


Works for me, too.
That's very nice work, btw.
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