Author Topic: Martian Sunrise (another poem)  (Read 2136 times)


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Martian Sunrise (another poem)
« on: September 15, 2005, 02:03:47 pm »
Wake from your sleep
You made it little one
The travel was long and lonely
And now you've arrived.
Now open like the morning flowers
Reveal your precious cargo.
Your tiny passenger is with you too
And now her adventure begins.
You train your big eyes
On the little girl.
So innocent yet magnificent she looks
She's tucked into her fetal position
Until the time comes at hand.
Then she will rise and descend.
Her exploration will begin
On her brand new world.
When she gets down on all sixes
She will turn her gaze to you,
Your exquisite form,
Your beautiful blue petals.

Now, as a young bird
She must voyage away form the nest.
So many are depending on her
To seek out answers ot puzzling questions.
But you will continue to keep a watch
On your little comrade.
As she travels she'll meet new friend,
Barnacle Bill, Flattop, Shark, and even Yogi.
You watch as she brushes up to them
With a long embrace.
As the long days go on
Mysteries will be solved and new ones born.
Your little one will slowly traverse
The ancient cold and dry flood plain.
It's a place water once flowed
Now, aeons later, water is no more.

This is soon a solemn occassion
For your life was designed for high productivity
But, alas, brevity was also a part of that plan.
The distant Sun provides you with vital energy
But soon even the spectacular rays won't help you.
Your vision will fade and you'll lose sight
Of the rusty red and your little friend.
She will turn and look on you
Knowing her time is soon to come.

Your lives are not in vain
Knowledge you will gain.
Knowledge that will be given back
To your distant creator.
What you and she learn will add on
To what the Great Vikings discovered
Maybe it will help those
Back on the place you left on your interstellar voyage.

Now, the sun starts its ritual descent
And your eyelids are becoming heavy.
You must close them and relax
Your work for the day is done.
The little one will stop and rest too.
It has a long day ahead of it tomorrow.
And so do rest....
We will watch out for you.
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