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story name - sketch

Started by Horab Fibslager, September 15, 2005, 08:51:22 PM

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Horab Fibslager

starting a rough sketch on a series of short stories i'd liek to write.

these are a handful of charachters i've given some thought too.

the blind man(no name as yet)- the last warrior of a nation destoryed by the saints of(?) he wears a blind fold at all times as part of his cutlure's elite military tradition. he favours a singlesword, but is exceptionally skilel din hand to hand and becomes quickly familiar with any weapon he picks up. quiet and severe eh speaks little but is serious when doing so.probaly the main charchter otuside of the story teller. tirlessly seeks revenge agains the saints who razed his nation whole.

the frmer hero. (no name as yet) formerly the local hero in the town of falstem, as well respected as one whow oudl put himself befor eothers, but after giving his sword to the saints upon their arival became locally hated and became an alcohilic while his fellow townsfolk were slaughtered by the saints frequets teh bar in which the story teller works. joins the party secretly seeking a way to redeem hismelf, tho redemption may not be as it seems.

the brother - younger sybling whoa lways stood int eh shadow of the former hero, he pledged his sword to the saints and helped butcher his own townsfolk. it is him in particular whom teh story teller seeks her revenge.

the gnome and hte tall man - met by the party neart the twon where the wizard's tower is. although amialble an dgood humoured onjteh surface these two have ulterior agendas and join the party for convenience. the gnome is armed with a sword breaker and sticks of dynamite, alogn with a flintlock of his own design. the tall man armed with several flintlock pistolsalong with a long dagger whch can be affixed to teh barrel  of his specially designed flintlick rifle, with which he boasts the ability to hit any mark at 1000 yeards.

the boy magician - born with a gift and orphaed at a young age, the local wisman/wopman pleads with the blind man to take in the young boy so he can fulfill his destiny. he can throw fireballs by pointing at somethin, but he wants tolearn the sword. very severe boyof 14 or 15 ish(maybe16??)

the elf knight - met by th eblind man after being seperated from teh rest of the party whiel fleeing a saints patrol. he dreams of seeing the world outside his isolated elven village, and has trained with swords and bow for over a century. reticent in the elven way but considered a joker amonng elves. he befriends and join the blind man on hsi quest because he is curious about what coudl drive a man so far.

the elf sorceress - a freind fothe elf knight, she is very young for an elf, jsut 50. saves the life of the blind man by distracting the saints leading htem away after he is injured, she is the object of an obscure elf prophecy and believes th eblind man is key in fulfilling it. she keeps her relatively novice powers hidden and utilizes a bow or spear instead.

the story teller- meets ht eblidn man in teh first village(falstem) and begs that he let her coem with him as she has nothing left and cannot stand to live there anymore. he agrees and hten later asks if she would trade her lfie for vengeance. she doesn't knwo what to say but later tells him she would and he begins training her in combat.
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