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Sermon to the LDD/Activist Wing
« on: February 26, 2006, 02:23:34 am »
What Zen has most to offer Anarchism is freedom HERE AND NOW. No longer needed is the Anarchist dream of a Utopian millennium as he struggles to outwit the State - for he can find freedom in the contest.
- The Zenarchist Cookbook

"They branded us as outlaws. We know, as you, only outlaws can be free."
- excerpted from the introduction of Hellé─˘s Angels Forever

My brothers and sisters, misfits and mutants, I speak before you tonight.  And let us make no mistake, we are the misfits within a society of them. We are hardly é─˙serious Discordiansé─¨, that is to say dogmatists, but we have been known to be the more serious members of a society known for its laughter and humour.

I come to speak about our efforts, our own fight.  For are we not the ones once described as the é─˙smash the CoNé─¨ Discordians?  I have a most important thing to say about us, and how we go.  Do you feel down?  Depressed that we have failed to smash the state?  Angry at the state of the world?  Well good!  Those are perfectly natural emotions.  Channel them, use them.  Turn them outwards, learn how that can be used to your advantage, as a driving force for your intentions.

But thats what I am not here to say.  Do you ever feel constricted?  That the freedom offered to us on a plate by Eris herself has been stolen by those who care nothing for us?  That you are being smothered by events and people outside of your control?  I am here to tell you not that this is irrelevant, because that would be an awful lie, but there is another way to think about it.  If tomorrow, the CoN were to be smashed, that a state arose that was run entirely to a fair and noble system, would you give up the fight?  Really?

I didn't think so.  You cannot help yourselves.  We cannot stop testing, as much as we would like.  To be part of the LDD sometimes less a matter of political leaning and more a disorder of the mind, one that perhaps lacks sense but acts in the world as a necessary opposition, adversaries of even those who are noble and good, so they can prove themselves.  And when you realize that regardless of the situation you would still be acting as you do now, though perhaps against other targets, you start to see freedom is part of the fight.  So long as you live to oppose order, you have your freedom.  

é─˙Where there is hope only in arms, those arms are holyé─¨ Livy once said.  This have never been truer than today.  Our fight is a holy one, there is no question.  If our freedom is found in the fight, then our battles themselves carry the blessings of Discordia, wherever we face down destructive order.  We are the shock troops of the Discordian Society, often shouting and angry, but we are the best, forging our way to our own lives, our own way of doing things.  é─˙Freedomé─¨ and é─˙fightingé─¨ no longer hold a distinction in my mind.  Both are the same.

If we cannot be saints of esoteric Discordia, let us be at least its warriors.  We are the companions and forerunners of such saintship.  I advise you not to peace, but to victory!  And know that in breaking the peace you already have it!  We are the hooligan outlaws who threaten the sainted order of grey fools!  We exist, we are the warrior in you, and our message is dangerous to the
existing order.  Just knowledge of our aims would bring more worries to the existing status quo than a thousand mad Arab fundamentalist billionaires.

Live your life as you would.  That is our only é─˙ruleé─¨ and how we distinguish ourselves from the others.  That is all that can be really asked of you.  If you find your freedom in opposing, then you are one of us.  If not, then we will not hold it against you.  Of course, that is not enough.  It never is.  Most of us here have a conception of freedom in a political and societal sense, inherited from a group of 18th century philosophers who just happened to get it right.  We need to regain those values.  But in trying to get them, in a sense we have already secured them for ourselves.  All we have to do is spread them to others.

Episkopos Cain
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Sermon to the LDD/Activist Wing
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2006, 09:28:49 pm »

in case anybody is retard enough to be sleeping on this joint
neat hell


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Sermon to the LDD/Activist Wing
« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2006, 11:07:19 am »
I fully endorse this message.

According to a neo-con member of a certian rival pagan forum that I will not name,we discordians have taken over there,are now the status quo,and I am the "top man there".

They are just jealous cause we discordians were the new kids in town and managed to tear down a lot of overstuffed greyfaced egos there.
We are takeing the "Good Fight "right to the Doorsteps of the New Pagan Order.
Some of the neo-con pagans can't seem to be able handle our discordian hawtness.
Vincent Sebastian Verthaine, K.S.C.
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Goddess-Son of Sssbela,Prophetess of Doom

Pastor of the Church of Eris,New Orleans


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Sermon to the LDD/Activist Wing
« Reply #3 on: March 01, 2006, 02:11:37 pm »
And I just joined up there so now they're going to have to endure awful, awful puns as well.
Cynicism is a blank check for failure.

Q. G. Pennyworth

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Re: Sermon to the LDD/Activist Wing
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Re: Sermon to the LDD/Activist Wing
« Reply #5 on: June 21, 2016, 07:47:58 am »
By that man a drink!!

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