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--- Quote from: Prickly on September 25, 2006, 08:57:13 pm ---RAW is useful as an outreach tool, even if he is a goddamn hippie.


--- End quote ---

The operative word in that sentence being "tool". 8-)  Besides, I'm only adding free books.  Screw anyone who wants to pay for shit.

steals his food and lives in an abandoned house.

Yeah, I was loaned Illuminatus, most of what I've read of his I've either borrowed or bought used, and what I bought new I've loaned out to plenty of people to prevent them from giving him too much money.

What exactly is it about RAW that pisses you off so much?

From what I can gather, it's his "I have no real ending so I'll make all the characters drop acid and then do a Burroughs/Joyce-style cut up that's supposeed to be deep but is just really annoying" style.

He's a better philosopher than fiction writer, admit it.

So he wrote a good book with a shit ending.

He's still neccesary reading.


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