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East Coast Hustle:
meh. I agree that RAW did some valuable things, and maybe I'll even agree that Illuminatus! is required reading at a very early point in one's attempt to break out of Prison(tm), but that doesn't mean that I want to hear about it or discuss it. I mean, when your kid finally figures out how to add and subtract, you'd be proud of him, but you wouldn't go take his equations around to all your friends and co-workers and say "see? this is addition. see how he adds 3 and 6 to get 9? notice how adding 6 and 3 ALSO gets you 9? crazy, huh?"

just saying.

Fair enough . . . I was just getting the impression that some people wish he'd never written anything at all, which seemed odd.

And I agree with you, LMNO.

That's the thing though.  It's subject material that, though very basic one is expected to know. 

It is however, a bit elementary and moot to me.

East Coast Hustle:
I think it probably serves as a useful introduction to people who haven't been exposed to the concept before, or for people like me who were previously unaware that their condition has a name.

We have a concord.

Us Discordians do not eat baby food.


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