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Or Kill Me / Re: Rev Roger, Flyer #3
June 06, 2006, 09:59:33 AM
Quote from: The Good Reverend RogerTHERE IS NO CONSPIRACY!
Written in the spirit by The Good Reverend Roger.

Despite any rumors you may have heard, there is no conspiracy.  Certainly not one formed by asshats and jackasses commonly known as Discordians and Subgenii.  These groups are too silly and self-absorbed to do anything like attack the evils that beset our society by using The Machine's very own neuroprogramming techniques (which, of course, don't exist).  Anyone who says differently should get themselves a tinfoil beanie.

Indeed, the very idea of some secret cabal of weirdos, freaks, and mutants  out to topple the monolith that we used to call our government is ludicrous.  Especially given their non-violent methodology.  Everyone knows that revolutions only come with guns and near-mythical hero-figures, right?  The notion that some nebulous group is out there subverting people  with imagery and printed words designed to alter moods and behaviors is simply science fiction of the wildest, most escapist variety.

Even if there was, what could they possibly hope to accomplish?  After all, life in America is perfect right now, isn't it?  Things couldn't possibly be any better!  Unless you've been outsourced, or were born poor, or have weird ideas about civil liberties...but then you really don't count, anyway.  

So relax, citizens, ignore that feeling of the ground shifting beneath your feet, and discount any bizarre rumors you may have heard.  America is secure, the economy is great, and you have tons of stuff to watch on teevee.  And JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald both died natural deaths in 1963, and everything has been great since then, anyway.  Just grab a beer, turn on American Idol, and...


Or Kill Me.

Or Kill Me / Rant 168: The Great Joke
June 06, 2006, 09:57:05 AM
Quote from: maphdethmmm...
Do you mean that humans should just be, and that's all...just be f-ing happy, do what thou wilt and all...
I am very curious Irreverend Hugh, KSC.

You see I am split between just being, and having a purpose.
Then again, me persoanlly feels that having a 50/50 is ok.

Yes. I know you were speaking of discordians, not all humans.

All this drives me crazy, just saying.

and so it goes...

Sounds like you got what I was saying. I can't speak for all humans, nor even all Discordians, nor even some, though I can talk about a few here and there. And as hard as it may be to believe, I spend most of my time in this city messing with the program and whispering sweet lies to the men and women of bureaucracy. To what end? Who can say?
Or Kill Me / Re: Rant 166: We are Suckered Again!
June 06, 2006, 09:53:42 AM
Quote from: East Coast Hustle

I don't think one person counts as a sect.


Depends on the person.
Or Kill Me / Purple Manifesto
June 06, 2006, 09:52:49 AM
Quote from: LMNOC-I-L-L.   My landlord.

-Knows some of you will get that.

Eddie Murphy and SNL....damn. How old are you?
Or Kill Me / Purple Manifesto
June 06, 2006, 09:52:22 AM
Quote from: Cain
Quote from: East Coast Hustlewell, I've never heard "dink" used as a racial slur.

and should know that the only racial slurs I tend to use in a derogatory manner are "honky", "cracker", and "peckerwood".



I once yelled that out at a NOI rally. Needless to say the fruits were not amused. (Probably because I have white skin.)
Or Kill Me / Rant 166: We are Suckered Again!
May 31, 2006, 09:05:55 PM
Or Kill Me / Rant 167: History
May 31, 2006, 09:05:09 PM
Quote from: East Coast Hustlesrsly, wasn't that teh FUNNAY?


It has such a ....a ....a "sirius" sounding tone. I wonder what that fool was getting at.
Or Kill Me / Purple Manifesto
May 31, 2006, 09:03:24 PM
Sounds like it. I knew some some Vietnam vets who would use "dink" or "gook" whenever they talked about asians. And it is dated but still understood around where I live as an racial slur.
Literate Chaotic / Eris Said Fuck It
May 31, 2006, 09:40:54 AM
Or Kill Me / Re: Purple Manifesto
May 31, 2006, 09:38:08 AM
Quote from: East Coast Hustle
bump, for two reasons:

1) to point out that Hugh wasn't always a dink


2) because this might be worthy of inclusion in the project, my personal greivances with the author aside.


I suppose I'd be offended of that was even the correct racial slur. It's not since all and sundry know I am not asian. I didn't know you would go as far as all that. Too bad.
Quote from: BellaLook what I just found......a hand-knitted flying spaghetti monster hat.
Plus instructions.

That's a hat silly enough for me to wear.
Or Kill Me / Rant 169: It Rolls On
May 31, 2006, 09:32:09 AM
Rant 169
It Rolls On

"According to the philosopher Ly Tin Wheedle, chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever order is sought. It always defeats order, because it is better organized."
-Terry Pratchett (from "Interesting Times")

Our great excommunication machine known as the Discordian Society rolls on and on, despite our best intentions and to spite our frivolous bouts of forgetfulness and memory-hole blaming. It doesn't even matter if you get attacked by pigeons in the middle of the park for eating bunless hot dogs. It doesn't even matter if you stand there under the street light at four in the morning and shout to the passing taxis filled with drunken club goers on their way to greasy spoons to try to eat their way out of half-assed hook-ups and vodka-red bull cocktails. It doesn't matter that the world at large doesn't believe in Eris, She certainly returns the favor.

While it rolls on and on, provoking laughs and hoots and the occasional exclamation of "what the ring tailed rambling hell?" the murder machine of Patrick Pearse's nightmares is also still rolling on and on. Pearse looked upon the education system of his day and called it the Murder Machine. People laughed and thought he was just being a maudlin Irishman, possibly drunk on wine (though Pearse himself was not a drinker). "Education a murder machine?" they'd say, "How daft!" When Pearse was a boy, the mass starvation of his country was still fresh in the minds of survivors and perhaps he thought, a bit over-optimistically, that humanity would stop getting ground up by one another, if only people would remember. (A shame that most of the victims of that genocide spoke a language most Irish don't use these days. So, instead of accounts and memorials, the horrors just appear as a historical footnote.) Unfortunately, Pearse went and got himself killed by firing squad for being a leader of the Irish uprising in 1916, so we have no more comment from the man. (Grayface seduces even the smartest people, it seems.) Maybe it was for the best though, since he didn't live to see the murder machine flex its muscles all across the 20th century world. (The Holocaust, Cambodia, the Cultural Revolution of China, the destruction of Tibet, Rwanda, Bosnia, the Soviet gulags, and so on and sickening so forth.)

The modern world and all of its progress and betterment and education still keeps its murder machine rolling on and on. (Well, humanity is still under the Curse of Grayface and his ugly face shows up everywhere, even in Slayer songs.) It's not even about fighting for the right to call someone the prettiest anymore. It's about "let's get them before they get us" or "let's just get them. why? well, because they are them." Or it's about "well, I rather fancy buying cheap products at cut-workers-throat prices." It's about people believing that they are the best and some other group is an impediment to their progress and/or happiness. People say that education will help solve this problem and make people more open-minded and not so keen on the idea that killing thousands of other people can make the world better. But that is not what is happening now, is it? The question, which Pearse and others have long raised, is what sort of things are being taught to people during their education? Pearse warned that education can be used for evil as much for good, but no one believed him because humans are always in denial that their methods of progress or betterment can be used for horror and destruction, even as we sit here and sift through the evidence. Pearse's conclusion was that education in his country was being used to murder the Irish people. (And in retaliation for the near slaughter of the Gaelic people, the Irish gave James Joyce to the world as a stunning example of what sort of education was going on there. They also thought Mr. Joyce's ramblings a good example of what the Irish thought about being forced to speak English.) No one at present really knows why Grayface and his minions had it in for the Irish, but I suspect it was because, as poor and oppressed they were at the time, they were still having fun and they still thought of themselves as deserving of fun. (The Church, Protestant and Catholic versions, made quick work of those ideas after all the fun people were starved or exiled.)

It blows the minds of humanity to realize that education can be just as effectively hijacked by the murder machine as a group of Discordians can get hijacked by offers of cheap beer and hot dogs. (But what does humanity at large know about all this since they aren't even aware that Grayface is pulling their legs out from under them.) Oh yeah? Some of you are thinking. "Well, that sort of shit never happens where I am from. This is America (or Japan, or Italy, or some other 'advanced' post-industrial nation)." But just remember that Germany was one of the most advanced nations in the world with a highly educated population when many people there decided that killing other people would be a good idea for Europe. Can't happen in America? So you think, but America's past had several episodes of its own outbreak of murder machinery. (You think about the so-called Indian wars now and remember that what was happening was a large nation was conquering smaller ones and calling it manifest destiny.)  

So what does this have to do with our great rolling roiling Discordian Society and its excommunication machine and all and sundry forms of Operation Mindfuck? Perhaps it's all about staying free from the viral meme-infections which lead people to funny ideas where they reserve soft-spots in their hearts for "getting rid of them." The Murder Machine (Grayface's greatest invention if it could ever be called that) must be stopped. Piece by piece, if need be. Maybe it is a futile endeavor because of the odds, but we have better than odds here. We have oddballs and outcasts and fruits and nuts...people who try, at least occasionally, to get a breath of fresh and free thought. Why should we even care about what most of humanity chooses to do with one another? Because we are participants in the whole story regardless of our personal views to the contrary and thus our fingers should point at ourselves first. (Also because much of what some parts of humanity do to one another includes them doing it to us, if they can.)

Think about it. Our irreligion demands no sacrifices (excepting that little idea known as sanity), and cares little to nothing for the fact that the neighbors worship in different, odd, and silly ways...because we like different, odd, and silly things and they should be encouraged. We Discordians don't care if someone is white, black, brown, purple, or even from America. We don't care about the gods others call upon. (Much of the time we don't even care much about the Goddess we call upon, since She can take care of Herself, mind you.) This sort of tolerance and encouragement is a gem in the trash-heap of the long sordid and horrible recent history of our species. It is a spite and truck-loads of spit in the face of anyone suckered by the incessant whining of Grayface which gets them to say "See. Look at what you made me do." Perhaps we can put a few cracks in the edifice. Maybe we can remember to help subvert education systems that turn people into dutiful cabbages. In the worst case scenario, we will still get the last laugh, not only that but the first laughs as well. The world can be a sorrowful enough place as it is, what with hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and shit like that going on. So I ask why people insist on making it a hellish nightmare for other people? Not because of some programmed biological instinct. Not because of some mystical stain on our collective soul. But because we, as a collective species, simply choose to make it so.

We, as a species, are, quite frankly and literally suckered and seduced by the seemingly powerful notion that ideas and plans are more important than life itself.

It is often claimed that the Aztecs practiced human sacrifice and other cruelties, and we rightly denounce such idiocy. But then we, collectively, turn around with our millions of dead on the altars of progress or purity or ideology or religions, and have the audacity to say that we are better than the Aztecs. (Even though they invented tortilla chips!) Those Aztecs would probably see us as the savage murderers and probably not only savage but all too stupid too (think about just the lives we humans willingly give up for the sake of modern transportation). Although the Aztecs were just as much suckered by Grayface as the rest of the population on this planet, they were probably not as suckered in as their future conquerors were.

Well, the Discordian Society isn't putting up with this sort of nonsense. (Especially when our own sorts of nonsense make us go giddy.) We need no lives sacrificed on any altar for any reason. We don't even need dedication to any mystical abstracted mysteries culled from the secret recesses of magical occult books on sale at Borders. We don't even need the world to acknowledge us (and what a horror if they did). What do we need? Perhaps a little bit of memory. Perhaps some idea of the results of people who take their ideas too seriously. (The results being what I just called the murder machine.) So maybe we should, right at this moment, go out and sacrifice ideas and truths and lies and denials for the cause of chaotic and untrammeled lives. (It's hard to imagine even living freely when one's life is being trammeled. And I don't know exactly what a trammeler is but I don't like the effects.) We need to sacrifice the murder machine...

We also need our laughter. It helps to watch the forces of order try and try again to impose more order and to have it all end up with only the same damned chaos. Perhaps some of these orderlies should have given themselves the gift of reading old Lao Tzu. The only problem is that many people and organizations then start blaming other people or groups when they realize that all their attempts at order is so-much pissing in the wind. We Discordians piss in the wind too, but we know this, enjoy it, and get our yucks in without ever having to stop in that pathetic state where we need to blame and maim others for our silliness. You would think that most of these groups would actually take a look around them and back at history and see that no matter how many millions have been killed for whatever reasons, the same damned chaos is there. Life itself cannot be stopped no matter how many individual beings get stopped. And in the end, Eris laughs all the same at the fools who insist on their ways as being better even as they prove themselves to be more savage and cruel than those they hate.

And we'll still be around insisting that there is no need for all that drama and that snuffing out all those people is the worst sort of sanity in the annals of the short-lived concept. Why? Because, and I am being very hopeful here, we Discordians really dislike people being used like so much fodder for any idea. It goes back to that deeply rooted mistrust for authority, not because an authority is naturally any less trust worthy, but because authority as an idea should never be taken so seriously. The fact that it takes itself rather too seriously gives us the creeps, as it well should.

Does this make us better than the rest of humanity? Depends on your definition. (I don't think anything makes us better or worse except our actions.) But maybe we have do have an inkling of something here. Some way of being or some way of approaching life that at least ensures we can enjoy it while we are here. (Even if some of us keep getting reincarnated and all that. Well, Eris does have a sense of humor that makes even some civilizations cry.) We even have stumbled upon the idea that we can enjoy our lives while we are here without having to destroy other people. Authority (the Murder Machine, trans-dimensional soul suckers, or purveyors of three-headed mind pollution, among other names) hates you personally, if you start thinking crazy things like this.

Regardless of the murder machine's track record and it's amazing ability to keep duping people into believing in any of its causes, our Discordian Society is far older (and has a fine pedigree of the most bastardized mongrelizations ever, and we should know...we made up the certificates just yesterday) and it will far outlast humanity's best attempts at self-destruction simply because we don't discriminate on the basis of species or planetary origins. It's not as if the fnords are needed to eat people's souls and destroy their joy, human beings do a fair job of it all on their own and perhaps that is the point people tried to make when they invented the whole fnord idea. If that makes any sense, I swear it came from somewhere else.

So keep your heads up. The sensitive are the ones who usually have the greatest survival skills (probably through no merit of our own, it's just that we tend to read the writing on the wall a little bit quicker than most others and thus jump out of the way sooner). And if you are reading through all this now, chances are you one of these survivors. It seems hopeless now because stupidity is reproducing faster and exponentially, but do remember that evolution didn't get us this far, (actually it didn't get us anywhere...more like it got us certain things like two legs and large amounts of gray matter and such as that) only to have it all get ground up in the cogs of stupid viral memes. Our Great Lady of the Rollicking Ha-Ha ensures us that some of us will always be around, if only so She can say "See. I told you fools this would happen if you licked that yellow button."

I find myself agreeing with the line from the old Principia Discordia that says "Humanity has been on a bad trip for some time now." We need to stop tripping. Or tripping better. Or something else. But don't listen to me if you want to be told what to do, especially not when I am wearing a silly hat and going around ranting and all that. Listen to yourselves. If we all jump out of the way of the murder machine in different directions, we have the best chance of getting through it all. Even after we feel hungover from all the golden apple rolling and all of our rollicking circus acts.

In closing, this rant should be considered the excommunication notice to the murder machine. We'll create our own methods of madness, thank you very much. And frankly, even when the MM claims to be about freedom, all it really does is all it ever does. It rolls on. Can I get some help pushing a bus into it's path?

Discord 72nd, 3172 / May 25th, 2006
-Irreverend Hugh, KSC;
Episkopos of the DSSS/PMM, Arch-Drunk in the Church of Eris, Sub-Underling of the Hoshi Church, Chairperson of the Dept. of Pigeon Evangelism for the Gerfrickdan Sect,
and (Con)Founder of the Flaming Church of Baby Jesus on a Motorbike.
(Failing these, there is always witchcraft. You know, pins and dolls and odd-tasting stews.)
Or Kill Me / Rant 168: The Great Joke
May 31, 2006, 09:31:10 AM
Rant 168
The Great Joke

"The fools look for solidity as if they would actually find it. The rest look for it knowing there will be fun and games when they don't find it."
-The White Mouse (from the "Blue Light Sessions")

"Our revenge will be the laughter of our children."
-Bobby Sands (Stailceoir Ocrais, 1981)

The greatest joke of all is the fact that we have an irreligion with the title "Discordianism" and this makes us think that we must promote all sorts of discord, strife, and disorder because such things are understood to be what Discordianism is about. "Discordianism is about discord," some of us say almost dogmatically. But those of us (sometimes within the same person) who say such things in earnest seem to be incapable of understanding metaphor. Some of us seem to be literal minded and fundamentalist in our insistence that discordians must always be creating or causing strife. But all of this is simply a joke. Societies every where are always finding ways to build in pressure valves for any of its malcontents to blow off steam through. Thus Discordianism can be seen as merely another pressure valve. An escape mechanism to expend and dissipate energy that may otherwise cause real or lasting changes if not so diverted.

Remember that there is no greater cause of conflict and strife than societies in thrall to authority (whether that is embodied by people, institutions, religions, or laws). So, in this respect, even if Discordianism wasn't an escape valve or a diversionary trick, it lacks the experience to successfully challenge or change anything in the larger scheme of things. How could it, when systems of authority have so much more experience and ability? Perhaps viewing Discordianism as supposedly some sort of method or means of challenge is a wrong way of going about it. After all, the founders of modern Discordianism, whatever else you may think of them did say that "the Discordian Society has no definition." Why the hell don't we ever get it through our heads that nonsense is salvation?

We can try to make it a serious or important endeavor, but remember that even Che Guevara is now used to make people rich in a system he died opposing. There is nothing, not even Discordianism, that can resist the great maw of the market. (Some of you disagree that Discordianism is just another escape valve for blowing off steam. I dislike the idea too, but for the sake of argument, let's try to see some truths in the idea.)

In this light, we Discordians may just be fooling around playing with life, but at least many of us admit this. The idea that Discordians must seek to cause change or must seek to set anyone else free is just an idea that many of us (and not only us but most people in the world, actually) have in order to make ourselves feel better or to make us feel like we are doing something much more important or full of meaning than really exists. Who needs meaning? Those who for whatever reason feel they lack it.

A bunch of us Discordians going around parodying religions and reverencing Eris in silly ways is no more or less silly than a bunch of people going around talking about and taking part in all sorts of revolutionary or anarchist-chic activities and ideas. A great joke that is never understood is that all of human endeavors and ideas are simply creations of ours and when we fail to see this, we become the victims of this joke. Discordianism possibly provides a way to see this joke as it is, but that is not what often happens, is it? (And if you would like for one of us to show you how Discordianism can give you a way to see this or for any other form of bottled air, let us know. Dis-orderlies are standing by.)

Many Discordian Fundamentalists would have us believe that the only things or ideas that have merit are Discordian things or ideas, or at least those of them that can be considered useful to Discordianism. Some people even think that in order to be a true Discordian, one must constantly fight by tooth and nail or by guile in order to promote Discordianism or discord, or trouble or disorder or whatever the latest chaos-chic idea is these days. Or that one must demonstrate one's freedom by never having anything to do with such "boring" or mundane activities such as children, food, or furniture...but people who think this way should know that some of us would like to enjoy life and the things we have while we are here. What part of freedom means not having fun? All of us Discordians claim to not want to be duped. Some of us actually don't even want to be duped by Discordianism itself. (Can we remember the whole thing is a joke?)

I know some of you will take issue with that and say "who are you to call Discordianism a joke?" And then you'll get all huffy and puffy and blow your mental aneurysm. But still, Discordianism is a joke. The greatest joke, probably. All religions, thoughts, ideologies, and systems are jokes. What fun would there be if they weren't? At this point you may be saying "how dare you so blithely dismiss this serious and very important thing as a joke? Life is about more than fun." Yes. Sure it is. For you, maybe. Humor works for me as much or more than any other reasons you may have for living. Humor is why I am into Discordianism. Hell, think about it. An entire religion centered around and expressed through humor. An irreligion.  

Now, before some of you conclusion-jumpers go off and respond to what you think I am saying, pay attention (I know that is hard in today's age of point-and-click). I am not saying that going around wanting to create changes in society or going around wanting to show people they are free is worthless. I said it is a joke. Everything is, in as much as it can delude us into falling for it. If you infer that by being a joke that your project or scheme to promote discord or to "do good" is worthless, then you need to ask yourself why you feel that humor is worthless.

Some of us say the words "Operation Mindfuck" and no longer laugh at the silliness of such a thing. Some of us think that whatever project we have got going on in Operation Mindfuck is of great importance, or that Operation Mindfuck never had anything to do with laughter or with nonsense. Some of us have deluded ourselves into thinking that Operation Mindfuck and the whole Discordian Society is about some sort of twisted circus-like messiah-ship in which we have to run around getting people to use their heads or to free their minds or something to that effect. But this is just another part of the joke and Operation Mindfuck's greatest contribution to the world is in the numbers of Discordians who get fundamentalist about it.

I still hear a lot of whining and complaining from some of us about how Discordianism is a failure or about how we need to start "doing things" in the real world (which is really one of those fnord phrases that means whatever agrees with the person who says it). Or I hear complaints about the need for intelligent discussion and such (even by some of the same Discordians who used to complain about such high-handedness). I don't mind the contradictions and in fact encourage them. It's just that many of the more serious Discordians get all huffy when these sorts of contradictions are pointed out. ("Not/Never I" they say.) Many of you reading this now may be pissed off because I am basically saying that no matter what you do, it is a joke. Some of you feel that you have given so much both to Discordianism and to carrying the flag of discord that no one should be able to criticize you or laugh at you. But you know that's absurd. Being behind or for the Discordian cause is just another silly part of Operation Mindfuck. And nothing you can do will change the fact that Discordianism is simply one of the many pressure valves that society has for blowing off steam.

Lighten up. If you think you have seen through the game or the system or society or the normals or any other of the no-good-shit categories used today, why is it that you don't find it funny? The flag of discord is just as limited and bigoted as any other flag. (They are flags after all. Flags care nothing so long as people are willing to fight and die for them.) We Discordians are no different from any other group of people that imagines themselves to be a special elite crowd...separate from the world of the so-called normal people. But our behavior shows that we are pretty much the same. Sure, some of us reverence Eris, and claim freedom, but that is no different from people reverencing Liberty and claiming to be free. Sure, we have silly titles, a myriad of terms and phrases that only insiders or experienced members know, but this is just like any other group. We claim to be better or smarter or funnier (though there is evidence for this last one), but many groups do this.

Perhaps the only thing that makes us distinct from any other group is that we claim to be able to see through reality all the while falling for our own lines of bullshit. But on second thought, this makes us like every other group. Perhaps then, it's the fact that we spend so much time and effort trying to "see through reality" that we miss out entirely on "seeing reality." Who can say? It's up to us to decide.

Quite frankly, if Discordianism wasn't the Great Joke (though some call it the Great Tickle) that it is, most of us wouldn't be Discordians now, would we? If we couldn't make fun out of both order and disorder (who are often in bed together) making all that racket as they roil about in the hodge-podge, then what would be the point of going around pretending to evangelize people who never heard of Eris and are therefore in danger of reincarnating as Mao-buttons? If it weren't for the Erisians (Eris-lovers if ever such a type of people could be labeled) making muck and mucking about with the Pagans and the Buddhists at all those silly fire festivals (and occasionally showing up at the odd Wiccan circle and causing hoots), the Discordian Society would be so much the poorer. (I say this because some Discordians go around saying that Erisians are sad for actually believing Eris exists. However, the Erisians are not sad at all. Most of them actually wake up laughing every morning. In fact, the only time I ever saw an Erisian cry was when Chairman Chao accidentally tried to inhale tobacco smoke through his eye.)

Then there is apathy. Some of us Discordians go around thinking that others of our kind are simply being apathetic or pathetic because we don't go around trying to "do things" about the state of the world in which we live. But really, the vast majority of us "do things," it's just that most of us don't talk much about what, how, when or where simply because once the laughter dies down we don't have the energy or the sense to try to make sense in any meaningful way that anyone who wasn't part of it would understand. (Though all efforts to try should be encouraged because, damn it, one of us has to become a great story teller at some point. I have my predictions as to who that might be, but I'll keep my mouth shut for now, since I already talk too much and most of the time my mouth runs on ahead of my brain. (The two are in a state of discord at the moment.))

Perhaps Samuel Beckett or Oscar Wilde or even Robert Anton Wilson would have something to say about this. But we don't need them for a good time and a laugh. In this Great Joke of Discordianism, all we need is a few good minds blown in the wind. Promoting discord? Sure thing. Promoting order? Absolutely. Promoting change and freedom? All right. Promoting nothing but some hoots and laughs around? Okay. But we must draw the line at turning our Great Joke into something of serious import. Otherwise, it will be the end of the whole thing and at that point we'll have to realize that Discordianism is another escape valve. And we don't want to do that, now do we? Not that it is much more than an escape valve, but there is promise in finding solace in nonsense, despite what all the detractors say. What's the point of not laughing at our foibles?

Discord 69th, 3172 / May 22nd, 2006
-Irreverend Hugh, KSC;
Episkopos of the DSSS/PMM, Arch-Drunk in the Church of Eris, Sub-Underling of the Hoshi Church, Chairperson of the Dept. of Pigeon Evangelism for the Gerfrickdan Sect,
and (Con)Founder of the Flaming Church of Baby Jesus on a Motorbike.
(Failing these, there is always witchcraft. You know, pins and dolls and odd-tasting stews.)
Or Kill Me / Rant 166: We are Suckered Again!
May 31, 2006, 09:25:16 AM
Quote from: NetaungrotIf Discordia exists and some people are more familiar with it's intricacies and history, and some people are less familiar,

then isn't it rational to be honest about your familiarity?

If you front, you're gonna get found out.  And disparaged for it.

Who specifically is fighting who in this fight to be the Realest Discordian, Hugh?  

Appromimately three pigeons, four cockroaches, a cat, and several strains of flu virus are fighting currently. Why you ask?
Or Kill Me / Rant 166: We are Suckered Again!
May 31, 2006, 09:23:35 AM
Quote from: LMNOHold on a sec. This is how I see it:

Discordian 1: Hey, let's write some stuff and try to get other people in on these ideas we've been kicking about.

Discordian 2: That's a good idea! I think Discordians 3, 4,and 5 would be interested in this, too.

Discordian 6: Stop getting organized and telling me what to think!

Discordian 1: What?

Discordian 6: I mean it! You're repressing my expression of Eris [threadjack threadjack]!

Discordian 1: Hey, stop threadjacking, asshat! We're trying to create something here.

Discordian 6: See? You're just like the Greyfaces!

::entire creative process falls apart amongst internal squabbling::

You said it better than me or anyone else.  I think we should nominate you as something.