Sometimes I rattle the cage and beat my head uselessly against its bars, but sometimes, I can shake one loose and use it as a dildo.

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Like Howl said.

Occultism by defininition is trolling even to the 'initiates' that is how it works that's why you need the bullshit ciphers and secret teachings to understand it 'fully' no matter if it is Eastern, western, extra dimensional or whatever high falluting attachment added to make you believe it is authentic, but there is some value in all of it if you read between the lines and find out what works for you in my experience.
It's only been about eight years and having read through all the posts since I started before I pretty much stand by what I said in it all, still not full of shit, still not lying and I still pretty much didn't sleep for twenty days just eight years wiser now, maybe a better communicator. Probably makes it easier when you aren't on prescribed drugs but something I didn't mention was that I was in a vegetative state for a lot of the time and essentially dreaming while awake hence the hallucinations anyhow I might come back to lurk again on some topics only dropped by over the years occasionally.
Nope, you are right  :lulz:
Anyway, I am trying to find a torrent link or download link to some of Peter Moons books.  I have some hard copies but I want to get some of the others and I am trying to find a website or torrent search engine that is just for books and can find strange authors like him, perhaps occulty type authors and books.  Does anyone know of anything like this, otherwise I will continue the search. - I found this which is a pdf search engine which is pretty good, but I didn't find the one I wanted and in English.
The Tibetan book of the Dead - I was explaining my theory on life after death/life before death and they asked me if I had read it because it was really similar to the book/collection so I thought I should give it a read and I heard a lot about it.
Flot faulk
Literate Chaotic / Re: The Invisibles, by Grant Morrison
February 22, 2016, 05:53:23 PM
Wow only a six year old thread.

He doesn't get high any more though as far as I know, well not in the creative process.
Talk about waking the dead
I know irony is for children and quasi-intellectuals but that is why i like it  :fap:
I am Nietzsche's Superman
The basic premise of this book is not that the aliens came and did it, i don't know how this has crept into this thread.  It's quite simple really, people make something that looks nice, people get better than everyone else, people make techniques secret, people don't have computers or cad, people who know secrets die and don't pass on secrets.
Literate Chaotic / Re: The Invisibles, by Grant Morrison
December 18, 2010, 11:46:59 AM
Thanks Cram got the link from Faust aswell will be nice for some christmas viewing
Literate Chaotic / Re: The Invisibles, by Grant Morrison
December 15, 2010, 11:57:59 PM
pm me it please or let me know where i could buy it. thanks.  Never on here at all anymore work too much!
Literate Chaotic / Re: The Invisibles, by Grant Morrison
December 15, 2010, 11:40:24 PM
i didn't even know this dvd existed! could you torrent it?
Literate Chaotic / Re: The Invisibles, by Grant Morrison
November 05, 2010, 08:49:07 AM
well put cram