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Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM 0 10 aka Winter Terms
March 08, 2010, 07:29:09 AM
Sometimes I talk to spambots and they make more sense than real people.
Or Kill Me / Re: Rick Rolled Out
March 01, 2010, 10:38:44 AM
'deserves' was a play on the idea that it took him 16 years to write that song. It was a 'funny.' ignore.

My point was he was being a whiny prat. I don't think anytihng of the 'wants to be free' or whatever, but that's a good looking future that i think few people will object to, provided their bills get paid somehow. So maybe the Youtube model is worth changing, but that's not the point I care for.

I was just a bit cheesed that this guy would compare his writing a song years ago to being a builder in challenging conditions.
Or Kill Me / Re: Rick Rolled Out
February 28, 2010, 09:44:20 AM
I'm sure that Never Gonna Give you up did not represent a years work.

If so he only deserves the $16.

Granted the comparison may only stretch so far as 'we're both exploited'. Even so, the question of exploitation. When should this man have made money?

In 1987. When it was a hit. When it was a massive song. When it was selling CDs. Let's be realistic; the criticism of Youtube for exploitation is ridiculous because without YT, the Rickroll phenonomon would not have come about - the only reason this song is so well know at present is because for some reason it is part of this obscure cultural event.

Yes, he's a working stiff (EDIT: Just checked him out on Wiki; even if he only got 10% of the money his three person team made, that's still 6 million pounds - about 12 mil Aus and i think the same US), but he's being a whiny prat. Let's see if those foreign workers are making $16 a year from their hard work in 22 years, for the buildings they built 22 years ago.
QuoteI suggest looking into LarpGASM and ArgGASM

On it.
Or Kill Me / Re: Rick Rolled Out
February 27, 2010, 11:45:18 AM
QuoteCramulus, if they are actually getting $149 / month then they are earning close to $1800 p.a. Waterman was paid $16 by google/youtube which is way less than 1% of that.  This was for the use of copyrighted material the creation of which is the basis of Waterman's employment and livelihood. I have huge problems with the  current state of IP "rights" and copyright law in general but I honestly think you are being unfair to Pete Waterman in this instance - hence my, apparently unsuccessful, attempt at irony with the punk collective image with the anti-copyright message and my "blind justice" hands over the eyes comment on my personal responsibility towards the copyright law.

We're not actually saying that lyric writing from many years ago is to be paid on par with present day heavy physical labor for foreign governments are we? Because that seems a little silly.
Thank you both, btw.
It's more a case of, I'd like to do an Intermittens issue, thus I've reached post four.
This edition will be focused on 'meatspace' or the physical world and will have a focus on the 'get out and do something'/activitist kind of angle. There will be a couple of articles focused on small D discordian activities such as Guerrilla Gardening, Sf0,the post Graffiti movement, PoserGASM (obviously that's a big D) and maybe some other real world stuff (like that Dreaming game... gosh if only we had links to whoever was responsible for that.)

Basically I'm going to do most of the hunting down of appropriate stuff, but  if there's anything in particular you know of, want to make, direct me to or whatever that you know fits in, send a PM or let me know or whatever.
OK Cool... issue something or other (we can give a tentative 10, but very very tentative.) Theme will be 'Meet Space' based around the interations of Discordia in the 'real world'.

I'll start getting stuff done in earnest on Sat week, but probably a PM here is the most efficient way to contact me if you have anything in particular that you see fitting in with the themes.

Really enjoyed this one btw. I think the little guy's growing up :)
I know there's probably some unspoken rule about suddely appearing like this, but I'd like to do one... but would also like to not commit to a timeframe just now...
Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Intermittens 10/11?
February 19, 2010, 01:34:58 PM
I (lurky person who has simply not had enough to say on any subject, or else, has not been familiar with the appropriate in jokes) have some stuff that isn't godawaful, if there if a preferred submission method.